‘OutDaughtered’ Hazel Busby Shocks Fans With New Look

Hazel Busby, Adam Busby - OutDaughtered

Lately, the OutDaughtered quintuplets are looking more and more grown up with each new sighting. But each of the six Busby daughters hit a new milestone this month. Seeing the cute quints change right before fans’ eyes is astounding. However, one quint in particular is shocking fans with her new looks. Little Hazel Busby is sprouting quickly and looking more beautiful than ever.

The Busby Girls Are Growing Fast

During the last three weeks, the Busby brood has been changing leaps and bounds. Almost overnight, the kiddos are becoming little women. With the oldest daughter, Blayke Busby, entering her teenage years, the OutDaughtered crew is getting ready for new stages. Additionally, the quintuplets, Ava, Olivia, Parker, Riley, and Hazel Busby also started their last year of single digits by turning nine on April 8. Blayke got to enjoy a personalized menu for her thirteenth birthday bash and the quints had a glow party. Additionally, the quints made their own crafty, glittery candles, and soaked in the rare eclipse.

OutDaughtered quints candle making. - Instagram
OutDaughtered quints candle making. – Instagram

Hazel Busby Shocks With Her New Look

In a post on April 14 on Danielle Busby’s Instagram Stories, she highlights Hazel Busby. While sitting on the floor, sweet Hazel Grace is in a floral dress with pretty pink, red, and green accents. Seemingly, she is relaxing and perhaps daydreaming while the others are busy around her. Additionally, her cute glasses match and make her look extra grown up. Even more so, her long red locks are in perfect spirals hanging softly down to her elbows. And she has shiny pink nails to match her pretty outfit.

OutDaughtered Hazel Busby is changing right before everyone's eyes. - Instagram
OutDaughtered Hazel Busby is changing right before everyone’s eyes. – Instagram

However, her beautiful complexion and resting countenance show a maturing young lady. As she gazes in the distance, fans see more of the tween rather than the adorable little baby they have witnessed aging on screen.

Throwback of Ava, Olivia, Parker, Riley, and Hazel Busby. - Instagram
Throwback of Ava, Olivia, Parker, Riley, and Hazel Busby. – Instagram

Ava, Olivia, Parker, Riley, and Hazel Busby Have The Best Time

On the quintuplet’s birthday, OutDaughtered fans got the best treat. Not only was there an eclipse for the five little girls to take in, but Adam Busby let fans in on the newest season’s sneak peek. The girls got a huge birthday spectacular again for their ninth birthday.

OutDaughtered quints' ninth birthday bash. - Instagram
OutDaughtered quints’ ninth birthday bash. – Instagram

And they each look like they are changing quickly. But the new teaser shows these sweet little girls are facing new challenges in their lives. After Season 9 slowly showing the Busby reentering the world after the pandemic, now they are back in business for Season 10. But it doesn’t come without its struggles.


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What do you think about Hazel Busby’s new look? Is it shocking to see her losing her baby face? Are you ready for the new season of OutDaughtered? Drop your comments below.

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