‘OutDaughtered’ Danielle Busby Shares Her Multiple Illness Issues

Danielle Busby, Adam Busby - Instagram

Since the quints were born, OutDaughtered star, Danielle Busby has been unwell and as the years passed by, she discovered multiple illnesses that affected her. When the TLC star was pregnant, doctors warned her that carrying so many babies could affect their health, or hers. For years now, she has given regular updates about her many conditions of mystery ailments. Is she getting any better? Read on to find out.

Danielle Busby’s Body Went Into Shock

While the OutDaughtered star is grateful for her children, it took a lot out of her during her pregnancy. And, she never regrets it. The only problem is that she now lives with debilitating conditions. She looks perfectly fine, which makes TLC fans skeptical. However, as most of her conditions are autoimmune-related, they tend to flare up sometimes.

Danielle Busby - Instagram
TLC star Danielle Busby – Instagram

Recently, the OutDaughtered mom advised followers that doctors haven’t been able to make one single diagnosis. At one stage, before their long hiatus from TLC, Adam Busby’s wife thought she had a heart attack. Exhaustive investigations left viewers hanging at the end of one season. However, her updates kept fans in the loop.

Latest Updates From OutDaughtered Mom

Earlier this month, she explained to Parade, “There’s no medical diagnosis for me, but I get kind of treated for a bunch of different things.” She also added:

I do take certain medications to help with a lot of the nerve damage and the triggering that I get up my neck until the back of my head, which brings on these migraines and whatnot. I see medical doctors, but I also have a holistic route of just certain vitamins and like certain things that we intake to help.

Danielle Busby - YouTube (OutDaughtered)
Danielle Busby – YouTube (OutDaughtered)

In Season 8, OutDaughtered fans suggested that Danielle Busby had fibromyalgia. Well, it turned out they were correct. But she suffers from more than that. Migraines seem to be the bane of her life. No wonder she sometimes gets grumpy on the show. And it can’t be easy for her husband. Adam probably hates watching her go through painful conditions.

Danielle Busby - OutDaughtered - Feature
Danielle Busby – OutDaughtered – TLC

Other problems In 2019, revealed that the mom of Blayke, Olivia, Ava, Riley, Parker, and Hazel underwent a hysterectomy and had polyps removed. Fortunately, she keeps herself as fit as she can be. The worst of it seems to be that some TLC fans think she’s just feeling sorry for herself. After all, many of them would dearly love to look as good as she does after birthing six children.

What are your thoughts about Danielle Busby suffering from so many mysterious and painful autoimmune issues? Can you relate? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your OutDaughtered news. Currently, the show airs on Tuesdays on TLC.

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  1. For Danielle I have symptoms that are so weird to me and I don’t make up any of them myself and doctors cannot figure them out their selves if they have they are not telling me for sure. I know all the pain I have is not Fake I have fibromyalgia and if you people don’t have it Thank you God that he spared you from it it is Horrible disease. People need to read about it is all I am going to say about that. It can make you so sick. Hopefully Danielle the doctors or a doctor will figure out what is wrong with you very soon and you will get better soon. you are a Beautiful person and so is your husband and I know your illness paysa toll on him as well. I Love watching your show and your husband Adam is so funny but he Loves you dearly. I will be Praying for you,Adam and all the girls.

  2. I feel with you the times are hard rearing children. After watching the latest tape of you sorting clothes in the closet. I wanted to jump in there with you. I couldn’t help but to ask you why you can’t let the girls have some chores ? I have 9 children and they all had things to do. I also would have those sweet girls to start respecting
    your furniture, no jumping on it. They are not too young to help around your home to relieve you of some stress.
    You are such good parents, really , but just make a game out of helping you. There are so many ways.

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