‘OutDaughtered’ Fans Think Danielle Busby Needs Therapy ASAP!

Danielle Busby - OutDaughtered

Undeniably, the latest season of OutDaughtered is chocked full of tension. Without a doubt, the stressors of life seem to be catching up with the busy Busby family. However, as fans watch the triggers unfold for Danielle Busby, they think she needs to seek therapy immediately.

Adam And Danielle Busby Are At Each Other’s Throats

Within the past two new episodes of OutDaughtered, the burden of life is getting heavier for Adam and Danielle Busby. While some people believe the show must be following a script, others find the interactions between Adam and Danielle too stressful. But one thing is for sure, the couple is snipping more at one another.

Danielle Gives Adam Busby The Look - OutDaughtered - TLC
Danielle Gives Adam Busby The Look – OutDaughtered – TLC

All and all, it is somewhat understandable with all the facets the family is juggling, but in Season 10 Episode 2, even Danielle Busby’s friend sees she is in over her head. Gently, her friend nudges her toward the idea of getting an outside opinion by looking into therapy. In true overwhelm fashion, Danielle essentially brushes it off with the excuse that she doesn’t have time for that. Undeniably, getting help from an outside source does take time and effort which are some of the very scarce resources in Danielle and Adam’s lives. But fans believe it is beyond time for her to seek help.

Fans Think Danielle Busby Needs Therapy ASAP!

On Reddit, OutDaughtered fans gave their thoughts about the recent outburst they saw happening between Adam and Danielle Busby. One fan says: “Danielle!!!!!! Therapy Woman!” Unmistakably, the user believes that Danielle is jealous of Adam’s capabilities. From their perspective, Danielle is a diva and only thinks her priorities are important. Other fans add to the conversation about her urgently needing to seek therapy.

  • “At this point, it is almost all completely scripted. Danielle is more high-strung and a planner. Adam is more go-with-the-flow. But they are each playing themselves multiplier by 100. Adam IS a good dad. He’s more easy going and ‘fun’, but he’s going to make sure they get their reading done. And ain’t no way in hell he’s going to he OK with feathers everywhere (remember when he lost his mind over makeup?) He’s also not so incapable that he is going to go to Target and just get random crap without looking at the list. He is NOT stupid. Danielle may need therapy and some anxiety meds – if I were trying to run a business and make sure 6 kids got properly taken care of, I would too! But again, she is being extra extra because it is scripted drama.”
  • Some fans were very critical of Danielle Busby’s actions. One fan says, “I’m catching up on season 8 and 9 and oh my gosh.. all this woman does is complain and talk about her ‘illness‘. I swear she likes being sick so she gets attention and has something to keep complaining about.”
  • “They don’t show the kids much. It’s all Danielle whining.”
OutDaughtered fans think Danielle Busby needs therapy. - Reddit
OutDaughtered fans think Danielle Busby needs therapy. – Reddit

No ‘Me Time’

In a separate Reddit feed, other fans believe Danielle Busby is asking too much. Some people think she is expecting life to be different than the reality the life of having young children offers. Many fans were critical of Danielle taking so much “me time” and still complaining about life. Oftentimes, she shows trips, outings, and self-pampering that irritates some fans. Other OutDaughtered fans join the conversation about Danielle Busby’s habits as well.

  • “My me time doesn’t happen until my kids are in bed. I only have 2 and my husband and I work together to do baths, pjs, teeth brushing etc. It’s a lot for one person and again, just 2 kids. Kind of messed up to leave him to deal with 5 of them himself.”
  • Most people can’t understand Danielle Busby’s choices. One fan says, “Agreed! We rotate bathing the kids or one of us stays in the kitchen to clean after dinner while the other one bathes the kids. But we all meet up for ‘family reading time’ as my oldest calls it. But…. I absolutely enjoy it..and I know one day my kids won’t care for me to read to them anymore…”
OutDaughtered fans think she needs to work on her expectations. - Reddit
OutDaughtered fans think Danielle Busby needs to work on her expectations. – Reddit

Danielle Busby Finding Her Way

Undoubtedly, Adam and Danielle Busby are struggling with the new stages in the kids’ lives and their marriage. While not all the blame should be placed on one person, therapy might be a good starting place to uncover some of the underlying issues. Perhaps, Danielle has started therapy since Season 10 was filmed, and “me time” is part of the prescription to heal? Tune in for the next episode of OutDaughtered on TLC Tuesdays at 9/8c.

What do you think? Do you think life is catching up with Danielle Busby? Do you think she needs to take time for therapy to sort through the root issues? Are you ready to see if Adam and Danielle figure it out in the upcoming episodes of OutDaughtered? Drop your comments below.

Bonnie Kaiser-Gambill


  1. never liked Danielle’s arrogance from the start.
    1st of all, any woman who goes above her financial means and chooses to have a litter of babies she can’t afford, is beyond intelligent and is selfish. yes Danielle, say what you want, but now your a winner who only complains about your choices.
    the only thing these kids got going for them is their Dad?
    I for one pray and hope Danielle can stop her whinning, stop pretending she’s a princess, and start messing up all 6 of her children’s mental stabilities!
    Adam, whatch out for your children and yourself. Danielle ( the whinny crybaby) is taking you all down because she selfishly wanted what she wanted when she wanted!

  2. Having 5 babies at once is never easy on your body, can cause issues for sure such as fibromyalgia, headaches, but Danielle needs to take a look at the fact that she is so controlling about everything & feels sorry for herself at times. Instead start TEACHING your 5 girls to pick-up after themselves, give them little chores any child should learn, i.e, pick up your clothes, your toys, put away everything you play with & also help set-up dinner table etc…, kids need to be given some responsibilities so it does not all fall on you. + be more appreciative of Adam who is a pretty awesome husband-father. So, do yoga, meditation to relax yourself

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