‘OutDaughtered’ Fans Think The New Season Is Full Of Lies

Danielle Busby and the girls - OutDaughtered

Although fans were excited the Busby family was returning to screens with the newest season of OutDaughtered, now many find it stressful. Additionally, some believe the first few episodes are full of lies.

Adam And Danielle Busby Are Trudging Through

While OutDaughtered Season 10 focuses on the trials of raising five eight-year-olds at once and one twelve-year-old, the interaction between Adam and Danielle Busby is getting intense. Currently, the family is sorting through the madness with passive-aggressive verbal punches and snide remarks. Adam and Danielle are overwhelmed, but they deal with the situations in very different ways. Adam tries to keep everyone laughing while Danielle attempts to dig deeper with planning and schedules. But they are realizing the logistics of getting eight people where they need to go is almost impossible. Furthermore, if you want to be on time, it may be unreasonable. After watching the new episodes some fans believe they are following a script.

Danielle Busby and Adam Busby from OutDaughtered, TLC, sourced from PEOPLE feature
Danielle Busby and Adam Busby – OutDaughtered

OutDaughtered Fans Think The New Season Is Full Of Lies

Undeniably, some of the issues the Busbys are facing seem hard to believe. On Reddit, one OutDaughtered viewer states: “The jig is up.” Then, explains, “So the show like all reality shows are fully scripted. They need a good character and evil character so I guess those are just their parts on screen now. I guess writers and producers aren’t afraid of alienating audiences by so much doom, gloom and conflict. Gone are the light hearted days 💔Adam never got stitches either 🩹So thankfully no divorce coming either 👍🏼.”

OutDaughtered fans think the episodes are full of lies. - Reddit
OutDaughtered fans think the episodes are full of lies. – Reddit

OutDaughtered Fans Give Their Thoughts On The Matter

After the initial post, many OutDaughtered fans commented on the unbelievable aspects of the show this season. Many believe it is full of lies.

  • “I did not buy the shaking van story for a second. I do not believe Adam would put his wife and kids at risk because he didn’t want to spend money to fix the van. Also didn’t buy his excuse that without the van they wouldn’t be able to get quints to school or activities. They obviously have other vehicles.”
  • “And who with a brain in their head puts an open pocket knife in their bag?”
  • “The fact that he ‘cut it to the bone’ but was ‘so lucky’ to not cut anything important, & still had that taped up mess on it after the ED, screamed fake to me.”
  • “Why do they take the kids to school yet they rid the bus home? So weird.”
  • “Award 🥇 for best actress goes to Danielle!”

The jig is up
byu/Ambitious_Ad_7433 inoutdaughtered

New episodes of OutDaughtered air on Tuesday nights at 9/8c on TLC. Maybe “fun” Adam and Danielle Busby are on their way back. Perhaps a little therapy and a nanny will get them on track.

What do you think? Do you think the new seasons of OutDaughtered are full of lies? Are you looking forward to more or dreading it? Do you believe they will figure it out? Drop your comment below.

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