‘OutDaughtered’ Adam Busby Scares Quints With Gross Lie

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While OutDaughtered fans have been eager to see the new season of the show, the wait is finally over. After the premiere episode of Season 10, fans can look forward to a season full of fun and chaos from the Busby family. During the first episode, the girls are growing up faster than ever. However, with that come wonderful memories and difficult new stages. But Adam Busby shows off a method he uses to scare the girls away from interfering with his plans.

Danielle And Adam Busby Kick Off Season 10

During the first episode of OutDaughtered Season 10, Danielle and Adam Busby give viewers a peek into the life of six sprouting girls. Although they are juggling many new aspects of their Buzz World, the girls are looking healthy and happy. Each new stage presents new challenges for the family of eight. Currently, on the show, they are packing as much fun as possible into the final days of summer before the girls head back to school. Danielle and Adam are working through the tricky issues of parenting a big brood. Unfortunately, that also comes with areas of frustration with their differing parenting styles. Seemingly, Danielle is laser-focused on responsibility and Adam is taking every opportunity possible to have fun with his changing kiddos. But with the girls getting smarter and more aware, Adam is using a few scare tactics to keep them out of the way at times.

Adam Busby, Parker, Ava, Hazel, Riley, Olivia, OutDaughtered
Adam Busby, Parker, Ava, Hazel, Riley, Olivia. – OutDaughtered

Adam Busby Conjures A Gross Lie To Scare The Girls

During the first episode, the Busby Quints go to the dentist. Unmistakably, these five nine-year-olds are losing lots of teeth. On Instagram, Adam Busby lets other people in on his secret way to keep the girls from uncovering the real “tooth fairy.” He captions: “If you don’t want your kids waking up when the tooth fairy comes, just tell them that this is what the tooth fairy looks like.” Then he provides a video detailing a ridiculously gross version of what the tooth fairy looks like.

Adam Busby scares the quints with a tooth covered tooth fairy. - Instagram
Adam Busby scares the quints with a tooth-covered tooth fairy. – Instagram

While his little quints have just turned nine, it can be difficult to get them to keep their eyes closed on any given night, especially when they think there could be a tooth fairy sighting. Undeniably, Adam is applying a secret weapon. He talks about Riley’s description of the super scary tooth fairy with teeth all over it. As a deterrent, Adam told the girls the tooth fairy is extremely scary so that kids will keep their eyes closed at night.

What Fans Think About His Tactic

After posting the video with the image of the fully tooth-covered fairy, Adam Busby got some feedback from OutDaughtered fans. Even Danielle Busby joined the comments: “So bad Buzz! So bad 😂😂😂.”

  • “I know I’m not a parent, but when I do become a parent, I wouldn’t necessarily go that far. I would maybe just say the tooth fairy will get fired if the kid that the tooth fairy is taking the teeth from wakes up.” To which Adam responds, “I didn’t become a dad yesterday. They know me. Then know when I’m joking. These sorts of things have been going on from a very early age. I know my kids and what they are capable of and what crosses a line more than anyone else.”
  • “My skin is crawling and Mis Ri Ri all the questions 😂”
  • “It has that many teeth because the tooth fairy is immortal an has lived for thousands of years 😂.”

Adam Busby’s Plan Just Gets Riley’s Mind Running

But Riley Busby gives Adam some pushback in the Instagram video. While Adam Busby shows the picture of the gross creature coated with human teeth, it just inspires more questions. Riley asks rapid-fire questions: “But why does it look like that?” Then she adds, “How did it collect that much teeth?” Additionally, in the next breath, she wonders, “Does it have wings?” Furthermore, needing to know, “Can it fly?” And then she finishes the line of questioning with, “Why is it that big?”

Riley Busby all dressed up and looking like Adam Busby. - Instagram
Riley Busby is all dressed up and looks like Adam Busby. – Instagram

Fans Love Riley’s Inquisitive Mind

In the comments, OutDaughtered fans couldn’t help but leave Adam Busby comments about little Riley Busby’s response.

  • “She asked 5 valid questions there!”
  • “That inquisitive mind of Riley’s will serve her well in life because she’s never going to just accept any answer at face value. She’s always going to have more questions until her curiosity is satisfied. Translated: good luck to anyone who tries to fool her or lie to her. She’s always gonna get to the bottom of it! 😉 I think she’d be a great lawyer!”
  • “Riley’s always got such good questions!! I love how her brain works! Also, that tooth fairy is genuinely terrifying.”


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What do you think about Adam Busby’s gross lie to get the girls to keep their eyes closed? Do you think his tactic is working? Are you watching the new episode of OutDaughtered? Drop your comments below.

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