‘OutDaughtered’ Danielle Busby Fosters Project Dear To Her Heart

Blayke, Olivia, Riley, Ava, Parker, and Hazel Busby. - OutDaughtered

The OutDaughtered crew returned to screens last night, giving fans the much-needed “fix” after their absence. In like fashion, Adam and Danielle Busby are moving at the speed of their super fast-growing family. Naturally, some of the conflict comes from Adam and Danielle’s differing parenting styles. Notably, Danielle is often in work mode and preparing for the future. Conversely, Adam frequently wants to play and looks for every opportunity to have fun. Furthermore, even in Danielle’s free time, she finds passion projects that align with intentional purpose-driven plans.

Danielle Busby Feels The Burden Of Responsibility

During the premiere episode of OutDaughtered Season 10, Adam and Danielle Busby show parts of their busy life with six daughters. Undeniably, they have different approaches to their parenting. Although it seemingly creates mild friction between the couple, they team up to pitch in and manage their bustling Busby life. Several of the points that Danielle made were that Adam always focuses on the fun portions of life and she feels like he leaves the difficult parts to her. Oftentimes, Danielle feels the heavy burden of responsibility and can get annoyed with Adam’s carefree method of moving through life.

Adam, Danielle, Olivia, Ava, Hazel, Riley, Blayke, and Parker Busby, OutDaughtered
Adam, Danielle, Olivia, Ava, Hazel, Riley, Blayke, and Parker Busby. – OutDaughtered

Throughout the episode, she often reminded him of tasks that needed to be completed (ie. getting the van fixed, taking time to read with the quints, shopping for school supplies, etc.). However, in many instances, Adam was living in the moment and appreciating the joy. Undeniably, his personality allows him to go more with the flow and have fun with his kids. While each of the parents offers a balancing aspect to the Busby life, it is a delicate dance that can sometimes get off-kilter.

Danielle Busby Fosters A Passion Project Near & Dear To Her Heart

Undeniably, Danielle Busby’s natural wiring is more serious. For instance, she is geared to follow her passion-driven goals even in her free time. Understandably, she has a unique experience with the only set of all-girl quintuplets. When Adam and Danielle welcomed Ava, Hazel, Olivia, Parker, and Riley, it was a stressful time in their lives. As a passion project, Danielle has taken on a fundraising effort to bring awareness and funds to the NICU that took great care of them during the first three months of the quints’ lives.

She uses Olivia, Riley, Ava, Parker, and Hazel Busby's artwork to create a shirt annually. - OutDaughtered
Danielle Busby uses Olivia, Riley, Ava, Parker, and Hazel Busby’s artwork to create a shirt annually. – OutDaughtered

On Instagram, Danielle promotes the project she fosters that is near and dear to her heart. She captions: “What these shirts & NICU items mean to the Busby’s & why they came about!! 🩷 God is SO SO good!🙌🏻 Don’t forget to shop with us TODAY for 20% off and if you purchase a 2024 NICU item, you’ll get a free autographed Busby Photo with your order! ✨ (old NICU items do not apply). #graesonbeeboutique #graesonbee #shopsmall #boutique #graesonbeegivesback #itsabuzzworld.” Using the unique artwork from the quints, she annually creates t-shirts to sell at Graeson Bee.

She fosters a fundraiser near and dear to her heart for the NICU. - OutDaughtered
Danielle Busby fosters a fundraiser near and dear to her heart for the NICU. – OutDaughtered

Passion Fueled Motivation

In a beautiful gesture, Danielle Busby is using her gratitude and motivation to provide an avenue to support the NICU. She uses the girls’ artwork and turns it into a sentimental way to tell her story and support the hospital unit that helped save her and the quints’ lives. It is a way to involve the quints and give back to the NICU. Without a doubt, Danielle is extremely grateful for her six wonderful blessings. Although life can be hectic and trying at times, she is thankful for her husband and daughters who keep her on her toes.

Danielle Busby faced many scary moments on the way to her miracle. - Instagram
Danielle Busby faced many scary moments on the way to her miracle. – Instagram

Notably, the challenges they face as a family continue to help them grow. When Danielle’s frustration with Adam gets too great, she seemingly always takes a step back. She finds ways to remember how much she loves and appreciates him. Likewise, when the girls’ chaos becomes overwhelming, she can pause and remember the moments they sat in the NICU praying for their strength and health. Undoubtedly, she wants to find every opportunity to support the NICU which provided them care through one of the scariest times in life.

What do you think about Danielle Busby’s passion project to raise money for the NICU that helped them? Do you think Danielle and Adam work well as a team? Did you see the first episode of OutDaughtered Season 10? Drop your comments below.

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  1. I love the Busby show, it has lots of meaning , my grandson Ethan was in nicu, his home for a few months, my daughter Brandi was in a surfer car wreck, 21 yrs ago ,when she was pregnant with him. threw her in yearly labor.they were star flighted to the hospital, where they had to do emergency c section. that happened in January 2003, (due date March 10th) it was a rough ,scary journey, but with God on are side, and prayers, family, he was able to meet his right weight, and come hm in March. so thank you, for sharing everything with your presious family, Ethan is now 21 and doing great.

  2. Those children need a full time parent. Either Adam quits his job and Danielle becomes the breadwinner, or Danielle quits her job and Adam becomes the breadwinner. Its not fair to the children that mommy and daddy have issues that come before parenting. Someone is going to have to put on their adult pants and step up.

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