Adam & Danielle Busby Reveal Strict Dating Rules For Daughters

Adam and Danielle Busby from Us Weekly interview on YouTube

OutDaughtered stars Adam and Danielle Busby are the loving parents of six daughters. But there are also fierce protectors of the girls too.

As fans prepare to enjoy the upcoming season, the Busbys have been giving interviews to promote the show. Recently, they revealed that when their daughters are ready to date, they will have to abide by a strict set of rules.

What exactly is expected of the Busby girls?

Adam & Danielle Busby Want Their Daughters To Wait Until They Are Much Older

When initially asked about their daughters’ future with dating, both Adam and Danielle Busby joked that it was totally “forbidden.” They told Us Weekly they wanted their daughters to be out of college, or at the very least out of high school before they had serious romantic partners.

Danielle Busby and her daughters from Instagram
Danielle Busby/Instagram

For now, the Busby girls are still pretty young. It’s still too early to think about their own happily ever afters. The quints are only nine years old, so they likely don’t even think about romance and love yet. But Blayke just turned 13. And according to her parents, she’s starting to notice other boys her age.

“I think Blayke is finding a way to be like, ‘Oh, that boy’s cute.’ Or, ‘Yeah, I kind of have a crush on him,’” Danielle shared. She added that Blayke is vocalizing her interest in boys, but not in front of Adam.

“We’re not doing the whole dating thing until you can pay for your own date and get yourself there,” the family matriarch continued. So at the very least, it sounds like the girls will need to wait until they are old enough to have drivers licenses and part-time jobs.

The Busbys Are Also Dealing With Growing Pains

Adam and Danielle Busby love all their daughters. However, they also admitted it was strange watching 13-year-old Blayke start to adopt a teenager attitude.

“Blayke, who’s always been super graceful and just super sweet, is now starting to get this talk-back attitude and you almost want to laugh because it’s not something you see often,” Danielle confessed in the interview. “It’s kind of funny, but then you’re like, ‘Hold up. You can’t talk to me like that. I’m your parent.’”

Check out the full interview with Us Weekly here:

What do you think about Adam and Danielle Busby’s strict rules when it comes to dating their daughters? Do you agree, or do you think their rules are a little on the strict side? Leave your own thoughts and opinions in the comments.

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