What Does Ty Ferrell’s Daughter Think Since He Didn’t Find A Wife?

Ty and Lennon Ferrell - Farmer Wants A Wife - Instagram

Since the farmers came together again for last night’s Farmer Wants A Wife reunion, many of the fans’ questions have been answered. However, there are a few still looming. For instance, what does Ty Ferrell’s daughter think since he didn’t walk away with a wife?

Farmer Wants A Wife Wraps Up

During the Farmer Wants A Wife reunion, several of the cast reunited to talk about the couples and the near misses. Each of the farmers was joined by their final picks or in Ty Ferrell’s case his final two women who didn’t get picked. It gave the audience a chance to review the past that helped the farmers make their decisions. Furthermore, it was an opportunity to continue the conversation to find out if they were still together. While two of the three couples are still dating, one didn’t pan out. Mitchell Kolinsky and Sydney Errera are going strong. Likewise, Nathan Smothers and Taylor BeDell are also sailing along.

Farmer Wants A Wife Season 2 - Instagram
Farmer Wants A Wife Season 2 – Instagram

However, Brandon Rogers and Grace Girard didn’t meet the same fate. Although they are friends, they didn’t reach the needed romantic connection that they were hoping for from the experience. While the session provided some answers to fans’ burning questions, like where the couple’s relationships stand now, there were a few that didn’t get covered.

Ty Ferrell Discusses His Decision To Walk Away

One of the topics was Ty Ferrell’s daughter, Lennon Ferrell’s opinion of her dad’s decision. Ahead of the Farmer Wants A Wife reunion episode, both Lennon and Ty joined Fox23 for an interview. When asked about his choice to part ways without a match, Ty says, “Why didn’t I pick anybody?”  Then he answers, “You know for me it was to find love, to find my person – that was the journey and it didn’t end that way and I didn’t feel strongly enough to ask for a commitment. Not for myself for sure and it is not fair to Lennon.”

Lennon and Ty Ferrell - Instagram
Lennon and Ty Ferrell – Instagram

After his time on the show, he mentions he gets a lot of backlash for his decision. Somewhat chuckling, he says, “I definitely feel like I’m one of the most hated bachelors now to some people that really wanted a love story.” But he holds on to the fact people don’t really know the back story. Coming to terms with that, he adds, “And that’s alright.”

What Does Ty Ferrell’s Daughter Think Since He Didn’t Find A Wife?

When the interview turns to Ty Ferrell’s daughter, Lennon Ferrell, she talks about her thoughts on her dad not finding a wife. Seemingly, she doesn’t think the search ends for her dad with Farmer Wants A Wife. But she says, “It was a really different experience for me and I know for my dad as well.” Then she discusses how it wasn’t that shocking to her. “I wasn’t surprised, because my dad is very,” she pauses, not knowing exactly how to describe her dad. But she lands on, “He’s very different because he has all sorts of surprises in him.”

Ty and Lennon Ferrell talk about Farmer Wants A Wife Season 2 - Fox23 News
Ty and Lennon Ferrell talk about Farmer Wants A Wife Season 2 – Fox23 News

The interviewer asks about the “perfect lady” for her dad since he remains single. Lennon carefully says, “Be prepared to deal with him.” With her twelve-year-old stance, she addresses the camera with her hands out and adds, “In a good way, he is very silly sometimes.” Interjecting, Ty says, “I don’t aggravate you at all do I?” To which she replies, “Uh, yeah, sometimes,” followed up with laughter.

Ty Ferrell Pitches A New Ending

While Ty Ferrell admits he has stayed close with many of the cast from Farmer Wants A Wife, he also reflects on a suggestion he made during filming. Specifically, he remembers he pitched an alternate ending to producers. He thought they should show both Megan and Melody arriving in separate cars. Then, he would deliver the bad news to them that he didn’t feel the connections were strong enough to move forward.

However, then a third car would arrive with Lennon Ferrell in tow. Undeniably, he felt it would show how pure his love for her is. He says, “To me, that is one of the ultimate love stories. You know, a love that never ends, that never fades. You know for a…” Then, he looks at Lennon who nods and completes his sentence, “For a dad and daughter.” Almost tearing up, Ty looks up and agrees, “Yeah, a daddy and his daughter.”

Check out Ty and Lennon’s interview clips here.

What do you think about Ty Ferrell’s daughter Lennon’s ideas for capturing her dad’s heart? Do you think he is a handful? Do you Ty’s match will find him now? Are you hoping for a Farmer Wants A Wife Season 3? Drop your comments below.

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