‘OutDaughtered’ Busby Quints Calm Jitters Before Important Event

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While the OutDaughtered Busby quints spend a big majority of their lives getting hyped up for magic moments, they are also practicing finding their calm. Currently, the five girls: Ava, Hazel, Olivia, Parker, and Riley have a big day ahead of them. Undeniably, Adam and Danielle Busby are encouraging them to breathe in peace for their jitters.

Danielle Busby Helps The Quints Relax

While the past few weeks in the OutDaughtered household have been full of life and excitement, they are facing a big day that comes with a few nerves. Everyone knows spring brings flowers, showers, and school testing! On Danielle Busby’s Instagram page, she took a snap of the quints on their way to school. “Good luck to my girlies on their first STAAR test! PJ day for sure 🥰 #itsabuzzworld.” Although April is already a significant month in the Busby family, the girls are now old enough to show their skills for state testing in April as well.

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Unmistakably, these types of tests can come with a bit of anxiety. Since Danielle recognizes that, she knows it is the perfect opportunity to stay casual and relax while taking care of business. Each of the five quints sports their cutie patootie pajamas to feel as comfortable as possible during their exams. Furthermore, Adam helped the girls calm their jitters the night before.

Adam Busby Walks The Quints Through Their Night Before Jitter Calming Routine

In Adam Busby‘s Instagram Stories, he shares a few tricks he has up his sleeve to try and calm any jitters. Naturally, the “tricks” were sent home by the Busby quints’ experienced teachers who know how to help ward off some of the anxiety that comes along with STAAR testing. While on video, Adam talks about the big testing day approaching and the packets the teachers sent with the girls to assist them the night before. Enclosed in the packets was a “Jitter Jelly Bean” kit. Likewise, the girls had a set of instructions to walk them through how the magic beans work. Essentially, it is a quick reminder to the kids that they have worked hard all year to prepare and now they just apply it. Then it says, “Now it’s time to shine showing all that you know. Just do your best, it’s your time to glow!”

The Quints' teachers send home a packet to encourage their students. - Instagram
The Quints’ teachers send home a packet to encourage their students. – Instagram

Parker Has The Deets

In another video on Adam Busby’s Instagram Stories, he shows Parker Busby reading about the jitter-busting beans. She reads to all the Busby quints, “Eat a red bean for bravery.” Then it adds, “Eat a yellow for good luck.” While reading the information, Parker looks extra grown up showing off her reading-aloud skills. After Parker reads the “prescription” for calming nerves, Adam suggests they take them in the morning like medicine. While Parker and the other Busby quints don’t reply, Parker’s face doesn’t show she is sold on waiting until morning to have the tasty treat.

What do you think about the jitter-busting methods that Adam and Danielle help the Busby quints use before the test? How do you help your kids get ready for state testing? Do you have any tips or tricks for calming anxiety? Are you ready to see the new episodes of OutDaughtered? Drop your comments below.

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