Huge Reason TLC Fans Choose Derricos Over Busbys

Derricos - Busbys

Karen and Deon Derrico’s show, Doubling Down With the Derricos brings a massive family to TLC. Meanwhile, the Busby family contains six children on OutDaughtered. Read on to find out why fans prefer watching the Derrico family rather than the Busby brood.

Deon Derrico’s Kids Range From Four To 18

TLC fans enjoy shows about kids and the more the merrier. Sweet Home Sextuplets was popular with the Waldrops’ nine children. Meanwhile, OutDaughtered fans liked the show because of the multiples. The same goes for Doubling Down With the Derricos. But, it seems that fans prefer to watch Karen and Deon’s show to the Busbys.

The Derrico children discuss Martin Luther King - DDWTD - TLC
The Derrico children discuss Martin Luther King – DDWTD – TLC

Deon Derrico’s children all fall within the age groups of the Busby quints, aged nine, and Blayke, aged 13. Darian, the oldest kid on Doubling Down With the Derricos is 18, and Dallas and Denver are a year younger than Blayke. Deonee, Daician, Daiten, Deniko, and Dariz, are just a year older than the OutDaughtered quints. Meanwhile, the rest of the Derrico kids are aged five and four.

Fans Don’t Prefer The Busbys On OutDaughtered?

Both of the TLC shows air on Tuesday at the moment. So, it’s easy enough for fans to decide which one they prefer. On Reddit, it became clear that the Busby family takes the second place. An OP wrote a long post explaining their opinion.

Busby Quints Discuss hating Sushi - OutDaughtered - TLC YouTube
Busby Quints Discuss hating Sushi – OutDaughtered – TLC YouTube

The caption in favor of Deon Derrico said in part:

…there is a big difference obviously the derricos kids are much more respectful to the parents and talk properly. even the youngest… without complaining. The busby kids are way disrespectful by the way they talk to adults. and i find it rude that they have no table manners such as screaming in the restaurant at their big age and yelling this is nasty blah blah… they are 3rd graders but talk like a 3 year old…

Other OutDaughtered viewers agreed that they think the Doubling Down With the Derricos kids seem better educated and better behaved. Here are some of their opinions:

  • I was also disappointed to hear the girls yelling in [the] sushi restaurant so loudly. I thought wow – no regard about other folks there trying to enjoy a meal.
  • I am flabbergasted that they cannot read in 3rd grade! How did they get to 3rd grade without reading?! I mean that’s like a K-1 grade thing.
  • At least the Derrico kids are much more respectful.
  • I love the Derricos. The kids are just so well behaved. You can tell they clean up after themselves and respect other people. The Busby kids omg it is getting so hard to watch now 15 minutes in I had to turn it off. The baby talk I can’t stand that…

What are your thoughts about the Derricos and the Busbys? Do you agree that Deon Derrico’s kids seem better educated and much more polite than Danielle and Adam Busby’s? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your OutDaughtered and Doubling Down With the Derricos news.

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