Courtney Waldrop Proud As Sextuplets Graduate, Pics

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Courtney Waldrop and her brood of nine kids kept TLC fans claiming constant exhaustion when Sweet Home Sextuples aired on TLC. But, they have grown up a lot since then, and this week, she shared a very proud day for the six little kids. Read on the see the photo of the special occasion.

Courtney Waldrop Had A Whole Bunch Of Trouble

When the sextuplets were little, TLC fans were pretty sure that Blu would never make it beyond the toddler stage. Remember, if he wasn’t inside a cupboard, he was under a table. Or, he was tottering across a countertop. Seeing him navigate the stairs on the wrong side of the rails just about gave Sweet Home Sextuplets fans a heart attack. Well, he and his five siblings survived, and fans can’t get over how big they are now.

Sweet Home Sextuplets Blu
Sweet Home Sextuplets – TLC – Courtney Waldrop’s kids survived including Blu

Courtney Waldrop often posts updates on Saylor and the twins, Bridge and Wales. And of course, she shares a lot of pictures of Blu, Rawlings, Tag, Rivers, Layke, and Rayne. There’s always one reason or another to find social media content with all of those kids. Unfortunately, a lot of them reveal injuries and visits to the ER. However, they seem to mend and pick up their hectic lives again with gusto.

Sweet Home Sextuplets Kids Celebrate A Proud Day

This week, when the sextuplets’ mom took to Instagram, her TLC fans found out that she felt very proud of the little six. They had just celebrated a huge milestone. Lining up in a row, with the three girls in pink and the boys in blue, they smiled sweetly as they held their balloons above their heads.

The Sextuplets Make Their Mother Proud - Courtney Waldrop - Instagram
The Sextuplets Make Their Mother Proud – Courtney Waldrop – Instagram

Courtney Waldrop wrote in her caption:

Move mountains my babies and know Mommy and Daddy will always be here to pick you up when you fall, celebrate with you when you succeed, and love you endlessly through every second of what life brings your way!!! God has big plans for each of you. He knew that long before we did!!
So thankful for ALL of you!! Keep being your sweet selves and let your light shine bright!! Here’s to one big accomplishment🎉 Can’t wait for many more!!🩷🩵🩷🩵🩷🩵 You did it my sweet SIX!!!

Using the hashtags, #kindergarten and #graduates, she let her TLC fans know the kids graduated Kindergarten at school.

TLC fans took to the comments to tell Courtney Waldrop their thoughts about the sweet photo and the proud occasion. Here is a selection of their opinions:

  • Beautiful photos! You always dress them so cute!
  • I cannot WAIT to see these pictures recreated when they’re seniors.
  • Adorable 🥰 the colors make it so darn cute!!💜
  • Oh these are stunning pictures!! Congratulations to the beautiful six xx ❤️💙

What do you think of the sweet photo that Courtney Waldrop shared on the graduation day for the sextuplets? Can you believe that they are already on their way through the school system? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your Sweet Home Sextuplets news.

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