Who Do ‘OutDaughtered’ Busby Quints Want Fired?

Blayke and the Busby Quints: Ava, Hazel, Olivia, Parker, and Riley - OutDaughtered

While the OutDaughtered parents, Adam and Danielle Busby are squabbling over communication issues, the Busby Quints are calling for a cast member to be fired. Undeniably, the first three episodes of the newest season show the Quints and Blayke growing fast. Along with that comes a logistical nightmare of chauffeuring kids from one thing to another.

OutDaughtered Chaos

Although Adam and Danielle have been fighting more lately, some believe the root is in Danielle’s exhaustion from multiple illnesses she is combating. Likewise, others see a trend that makes them think it is time for Danielle to seek therapy for lashing out at the family. But overall, the Busby Quints: Ava, Hazel, Olivia, Parker, and Riley seem unphased by Danielle’s outbursts. However, they have indirect effects. Seemingly, they rule the house like banshees and often act helpless with responsibilities.

Adam Busby, Parker, Ava, Hazel, Riley, Olivia, OutDaughtered
Adam Busby, Parker, Ava, Hazel, Riley, Olivia, OutDaughtered

Blayke is Danielle’s mini-me and appears to be soaking in several of the same struggles that her mom faces. At twelve, Blayke is worrying herself sick by trying to avoid making any mistakes. Right now in Season 10, they still have many challenges to sort through. Everyone is bickering and the environment at home is stressful. But the quints are demanding one person should be fired after their actions on the show.

Who Do OutDaughtered Busby Quints Want To See Fired?

During last week’s episode of OutDaughtered, several people swooped in to help Adam and Danielle as they were facing logistical problems with delivering and picking up kids from various activities. With Danielle and Adam working, it was an overwhelming mess. They called in good friend Debbie Trapp McCormack and Aunt Kiki Mills to rescue the kids from the tasks that were spilling over. But the Quints were less than impressed with their substitute care. Undoubtedly, laundry overflowed, the schedules changed, the van broke down, and they were even forgotten at the bus stop.

Busby daughters from Danielle Busby's Instagram
Busby daughters from Danielle Busby’s Instagram

While Aunt Kiki was at the house to assist Adam and Danielle since they were working, she abandons the quints on one responsibility. “What are y’all doing here?” KiKi questions with surprise as the quints enter the house. They clap back, “You were supposed to pick us up at the bus stop.” In a confessional interview, Riley doesn’t hold back. She says, “KiKi should be fired because she forgot us girls.” Then, Parker chimes in, “And she also says bad words.”

Aunt Kiki Does Her Best To Rally The Busby Quints

When Aunt Kiki was standing in to help rally the Busby Quints for a Graeson Bee event, she ran into a few other hiccups. First, she sends Riley to grab clothes for her sisters only to find they weren’t done. Kiki admits, “Totally forgot I had to put the clothes from the washer into the dryer, I mean it just totally slipped my mind.” Further adding to the chaos, once they got dresses, the girls didn’t want to wear them. Hazel protests saying, “I hate dresses.” Instead, she and Olivia refuse to listen by continuing to eat Oreos and drink milk.

Aunt Kiki Crystal Mills Instagram OutDaughtered
Aunt Kiki does her best to keep up with the Busby Quints – Instagram

Then, KiKi mixes up the twins Olivia and Ava which confuses the girls. Admittedly, Kiki finds it exhausting just stepping in briefly for Danielle. She says, “It has been a hectic day, so we had no time, and then it was just, you know, one thing after another. It’s crazy.” Additionally, in the confessional, KiKi says to keep up with five 9-year-olds without their parents is a lot to take on. She adds, “It’s just so overwhelming. I mean, it’s total chaos.”

Aunt Kiki Struggles To Keep Up With The Busby Quints

Giving it her best effort, Aunt Kiki tries to corral the Busby Quints. Hazel says, “The couch is not made, there’s an iPad on the couch.” KiKi responds, “The couch is fine, girl,” but quickly diverts in another direction to tell Ava to “get off the iPad.” Undeniably, Kiki feels like she is in a whirlwind as she tries to refocus the girls saying, “Get dressed for mommy’s event.” Then, as if she had never heard, Riley asks, “What? Wait, what event?”

Although Kiki completes the job of wrestling the girls into their dresses she still gets pushback. Hazel asserts, “I don’t want to.” Additionally, Parker complains about Kiki’s methods, “I don’t think she’s good.” But even with all her attempts, Kiki replies she didn’t get everything finished. She says, “Your mom’s probably gonna kill me that your clothes are in the washer.” Undeniably, the daily tasks add up fast and the needs of six girls are overflowing for the family.

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What do you think about Kiki’s performance filling in? Will the Busbys get it sorted out? Are you ready to see more episodes of OutDaughtered? Drop your comments below.

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