‘OutDaughtered’ Danielle Busby Says She’s ‘Screwed’ Without Nanny Help

Danielle Busby - YouTube/TLC

Adam and Danielle Busby are trying to figure out the best way for Adam to move forward in his career. The couple has been staying home with their large family for a while now, but Adam is eager to get back to work. In a new clip from Outdaughtered, the pair can be seen talking about the possibility of him returning to work soon. Danielle Busby isn’t convinced that they are prepared for him to take on the job though. Keep reading to see what her concerns are and why she says she is “screwed.”

Adam Busby Approaches Danielle About Returning To Work

In a recent clip shared by TLC, Adam and Danielle Busby speak about what it would take for him to return to work. The couple has six children, which Danielle points out they have trouble managing on their own.

Adam asks her what he has to do to talk about work with her. She immediately seems to be defensive, pointing out that she needs help in the form of a nanny before he can go back to work.

Danielle Busby - YouTube/TLC

At this point, they haven’t heard back from any of the nannies they have interviewed or offered the position to. Danielle states that they can’t force any of them to take the job. Adam Busby thinks that this is because many of them feel like the job is meant for more than one person. “What if we hired these girls to work at the same time,” he suggests in the video.

The Outdaughtered star tells his wife that the job would require him to be away one week per month for about seven months. However, it would mean a substantial pay increase for him. Obviously, more money coming into the house is a positive for everyone, but Danielle Busby is still hesitant about telling her husband to take the job.

Danielle Busby Doesn’t Feel Like It’s Doable Right Now

“I do appreciate Adam working harder to discuss these kinds of things,” Danielle says in the clip. “I’m willing to explore the option of Adam working more.”

They continue the discussion with Danielle Busby suggesting that they reach back out to the nannies they’ve spoken to and see if they are still available. She continued, stating that if they are bringing in more money hiring more than one of the women could be “doable.”

Adam Busby - YouTube/TLC

“It is doable,” Adam responds. However, Danielle still isn’t put at ease. In an interview, she opens up about her concerns.

“If he takes this job and we don’t have those nannies, mind you we haven’t heard back from them in a month, I’m screwed,” she tells the cameras.


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