‘OutDaughtered’ Which Busby Quint Wants To Be ‘Vegetarian?’

OutDaughtered Busby Quints - Adam Busby Instagram

OutDaughtered returned from a long hiatus and the Busby quints had grown older However, they still come with very cute moments, and this weekend, TLC shared a memorable moment about one of them wanting to be a vegetarian. Read on to find out who and why.

OutDaughtered Fans Can’t Help But Notice Some Changes

Season 8 ended in May of 2021, and then the Busby quints, Blayke, and their parents disappeared from TLC. While the family took a hiatus, the quints carried on growing and fans next saw them on their screen in 2023 at the age of eight. As they recently turned nine years old, it’s not unsurprising that they changed a lot since the covid pandemic ended.

Blayke Busby and her sisters the Quints - OutDaughtered
Blayke Busby and her sisters the Quints – OutDaughtered

In Season 10, OutDaughtered fans saw that the girls struggled a bit with reading, and their mom, Danielle Busby, suddenly realized that she wasn’t able to give the kids as much time as they needed. However, trying to help with their reading and homework for five children at different stages of learning wasn’t easy. So, she proposed they get some help. That ended in a big fight with Adam, and fans complain that the TLC show brings tones of toxic Jon and Kate Plus 8. But, the quintuplets still save the show with cute moments.

Cute Busby Quints Talk About Being A Vegetarian

Over the weekend, TLC shared a clip of the Busby Quints chatting with a producer. The video on Instagram revealed the girls choosing between being a “vegetarian” or a “cheerleader.” Easily recognizable quint, Hazel Busby said, “I want to be a cheerleader when I grow up.” Next, it was Ava Busby, the twin of Olivia who piped up with wanting to “be a vegetarian.”

Hazel Busby - TLC - Instagram
Hazel Busby – TLC – Instagram

Why did the OutDaughtered quint want to be a “vegetarian?” Well, it turned out that Ava misunderstood what a vegetarian is. Asked why she wanted that, she answered, “Because you get puppies.” Of course, it was Parker Kate who corrected her sister. Parker told her that it should be a “veterinarian” rather than a “vegetarian.” And of course, precocious Riley also had her say about it.

Ava Busby - OutDaughtered TLC
Ava Busby – OutDaughtered TLC

Not many comments were shared compared to the thousands that historically followed each post about the Busby quints. One TLC fan wrote, “Baby it veterinarian not vegetarian 😂” But, others expressed their fear that the pressure of reality TV would destroy the marriage between Danielle and Adam Busby.

A commenter wrote:

Give them a big big big ole check and let this family go! Not one family that comes on TLC survives. Jon n Kate, little people big world, Derrico, dang near every couple on 90 day, sisterwives….

What are your thoughts on Ava Busby wanting to be a vegetarian because she thinks she gets to be with puppies? Do you think that’s very cute? Do you love the quints but fear that the pressures of reality TV will destroy their family? Share your thoughts in the comments below, and come back here often for all your OutDaughtered news.

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