‘OutDaughtered’ Busbys Struggle With Cost Of Raising Six Girls

OutDaughtered stars Adam Busby, Danielle Busby, Blayke Busby, and the quints from Instagram

Raising children in any situation can be incredibly expensive. But having six children total with five of them the same age, it can be extremely costly. That is one situation OutDaughtered stars Adam and Danielle Busby are struggling with at the moment.

As the current season continues, fans are watching Adam and Danielle work to keep their marriage alive. At the same time, they’re scraping money together to afford the cost of raising six young girls.

Do the Busbys have a game plan in place?

The OutDaughtered Stars Don’t Want To Hide Financial Struggles

In a new interview, the Busbys acknowledged they often struggle financially.

Danielle Busby, Blayke Busby, and the quints from Instagram
Danielle Busby/Instagram

“We’re not afraid to show the bad with the good,” family patriarch Adam Busby shared with PEOPLE.

“A good example is — when we’re looking at summer and we’re looking at summer camps and it’s $2,000 for them to go to this summer camp for five days,” Danielle added. “That’s just a day camp, versus the $250 or $300 that one parent might spend.”


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“There’s a big difference of like, hey, let me send my kid to this camp. That’s $2,500 for five days. That’s outrageous,” the mother of six continued.

However, the OutDaughtered stars are determined to give their daughters the best lives possible. Instead of outright denying the girls camp, they’re shopping around for more affordable ones. Even small costs add up, so the Busbys try to cut costs wherever possible.

“But it’s the simple things. Even like school lunch. Yeah, we pack lunches, but there’s days where they eat school lunch and so it’s what, $2 a day or something like that? But in our world, if they’re all eating, that’s anywhere from $10 to $15 a day — for a crappy school lunch,” Danielle continued. “It’s small little things.”

Costs Will Certainly Increase As Time Goes On

Without a doubt, having a reality television show certainly helps with costs. The Busbys earn money from appearing on OutDaughtered and likely use the money to support their girls.

Blayke Busby is 13 while the quints just turned 9. Costs are only going to increase as the children get older. Extracurricular activities, prom, college, and weddings are all on the horizon for the OutDaughtered stars.

However, Adam and Danielle also shared that the show isn’t their entire lives. They give the kids a break when they aren’t able or willing to film.

“It’s a piece of our life. It’s not the whole aspect of our life and we don’t live life just because of the TV show, but we love having an outlet to share,” Danielle told PEOPLE. “And we are real as possible. So you see the bitterness and the cattiness and the family struggle, but that’s just real stuff. And a lot of it too is — it’s fun to us in a sense, but also it is hard. It’s very hard to film a TV show, but we’re still trying to do our best to abide by the calling that we feel like we have.”

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  1. Looks like Blayke always has her nails done. As many yrs as you have been on TV I’m sure you get paid a lot. Pluse personal appearance. Some people that have more children and have to work a regular job wonder where their next meal will come from. I like the show but I don’t feel financially sorry for you

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