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While the Busbys have had a difficult time in the newest OutDaughtered Season 10, fans get treated to a sneak peek of the season finale. Throughout this season, the family has shown some of the struggles of managing a family of eight. But Danielle and Adam are looking for ways to alleviate some of the pressure that has occurred over time.

OutDaughtered Finale Sneak Peek

In the sneak peek for the OutDaughtered finale, Danielle Busby openly discusses some of her insecurities about raising six daughters. As her daughter Blayke Busby is close to becoming a teenager in the show’s timeline, and the five quints, Ava, Olivia, Hazel Riley, and Parker are nearly nine at the time, she and Adam are struggling to keep up. Confiding in her sisters, Ashley Mowbray and Crystal Mills, Danielle explains where much of her pressure comes from. Likewise, she discusses how she went to therapy. But the finale seems full of surprises.

Danielle Busby has feels the weight of the world on her shoulders. - OutDaughtered
Danielle Busby has felt the weight of the world on her shoulders. – OutDaughtered

OutDaughtered Busbys Are Making Dreams Come True

In a different sneak peek, the Busbys are heading to the most wonderful place in the world. One of the major finale surprises is that the OutDaughtered crew is taking sixteen people to Disney World! At the end of the last episode, Adam and Danielle give the girls a big Christmas gift. They tell the girls they are going to Florida to Walt Disney World Resort in the new year.

One of the end of season surprises was a trip to Disney World. - Instagram
One of the end-of-season surprises was a trip to Disney World. – Instagram

Danielle says with their current challenges in mind, “It’s like it doesn’t matter what is happening in your life, you go to Disney it’s happy-go-lucky 24/7.” But another sneak peek for the season finale also shows a huge surprise for Danielle Busby amid her struggles.

Hazel Busby is excited to go on her first roller coaster. - Instagram
Hazel Busby is excited to go on her first roller coaster. – Instagram

Danielle Busby Talks With Sisters, Lili and Kiki

While the OutDaughtered star, Danielle Busby, is spending time with her sisters, Aunt Lili and Aunt Kiki, she expresses some of the pent-up emotions she harbors. Undeniably, as a mom to six girls, she deeply feels like she isn’t “enough” for the seemingly endless needs of the family. She says, “The struggle is, I love each of them more than they could ever know, but why do I still feel like I didn’t do enough for them?” Danielle explains, “Everything is fast-paced and I don’t like to stop.” While listening, Ashley and Crystal are concerned for their sister, Danielle. In many ways, they think if she doesn’t give herself a break, she will “bust.” Ashley relates saying, “So then you get yourself more down because you’re thinking, ‘I can’t be there for my kids.'”

Ashley Mowbray knows Danielle Busby needs an outlet to discuss her stress. - OutDaughtered
Ashley Mowbray knows Danielle Busby needs an outlet to discuss her stress. – OutDaughtered

But Kiki looks at them confused. Admittedly, Danielle says, “I feel the guilt just thinking about how I failed at this.” As she spirals down the rabbit hole of ways she thinks she is failing, Crystal (Kiki) cuts her off saying, “Lord, I don’t think like that. You’re mind runs too much.” Ashley says, “You don’t think like that?” To which, Crystal says, “No. You need to learn to slow your mind down.” Seemingly, an impossible task, Danielle switches it on Crystal and asks, “Okay, how do you do that?” She admits she just takes time to relax and watch TV while scrolling through her phone. Which Danielle thinks is just “ignoring” the issues. Ashley refocuses back on Danielle saying, “So you just need to go to therapy. Did you go to a session?”

Danielle Busby isn't sure therapy is helping. - TLC
Danielle Busby isn’t sure therapy is helping. – TLC

OutDaughtered Mom, Danielle Busby, Discusses Therapy

After Ashley asks about how Danielle Busby‘s experience with therapy went, she reflects on her session. Danielle says, “All I did was talk,” unsure of how much good it did her. Continuing she admits, “And so I don’t think I left with any kind of like real advice or something.” Undeniably, Danielle finds it difficult to talk about her childhood. Ashley encourages her to consider going again because one session isn’t going to solve years of suppressed emotions. Furthermore, the OutDaughtered mom was able to step back and realize she liked the therapist. She recognizes she was easy to talk to but acknowledges she has a hard time talking about herself. Then, Ashley is very supportive saying, “It’s to benefit you. I think therapy is great.”

Kiki Mills doesn't know why Danielle Busby needs to go to therapy. - OutDaughtered
Kiki Mills doesn’t know why Danielle Busby needs to go to therapy. – OutDaughtered

But Crystal has a look on her face saying she doesn’t buy it. Ashley continues, ignoring Crystal’s face. She says, “We all need it. Not that we had a hard life, but we grew up from a very young age to be very independent. So we have all had our struggles.” Ashley directly tells Danielle, “I support you getting the help that you need. Because then you are a better mom, so I get it.” Although it is strange for Danielle, you can see it is what she needs to hear.

OutDaughtered‘s Danielle Busby Gets A Surprise

In a confessional, she says, “I’ve got six daughters and I don’t want to fail them because I’m not emotionally available. How am I to deal emotionally with my kids getting older as they’re experiencing emotions? That’s the hard stuff.” When Danielle continues talking with Ashley and Crystal she says, “I think I’ll go back.” Furthermore, Ashley states, “You should go back.” But Danielle gets a surprise when Ashley offers, “Want me to go with you?” Then, she insists, “I’ll go with you.”

Ashley Mowbray is ready to support Danielle Busby. - TLC
Ashley Mowbray is ready to support Danielle Busby. – TLC

Danielle nods her head “Yes” as Ashley adds, “Cause I’m gonna be here for you,” also motioning to Crystal, “And you, even though you don’t talk.” Crystal interjects, jokingly, “I’ll sit in the back corner!” Then, all three sisters laugh together showing their bond. In a confessional, Danielle says, “All the things that I’ve gone through in life, my sisters have gone through too. So my sisters offering to go to therapy with me is definitely a comforting thing to hear.” She adds, “It’s worth a shot.”

Check out the new exclusive finale sneak peek here.

Watch the OutDaughtered season finale on Tuesday, June 25, on TLC. Or stream it later on Max.

What do you think about Danielle Busby‘s surprise that her sisters will be going to therapy with her? Do you think that is the support she has been needing? Are you excited to see the Disney trip? Are you ready for the finale of OutDaughtered? Drop your comments below.


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