Adam & Danielle Busby Discuss Attending Eye-Opening Event

Danielle & Adam Busby - OutDaughtered

Recently, OutDaughtered parents, Adam and Danielle Busby, reflected on attending an eye-opening event. While their life has become increasingly more stressful, they let their “guard down” and find ways to look at life differently.

Close To Breaking

Undeniably, the OutDaughtered crew is getting more hectic to control. During the show’s latest season, Adam and Danielle Busby have reached a breaking point of knowing they can’t continue doing the same things that have always “worked” in the past. Over time, the burdens are increasingly getting heavier for both parents to shoulder. Together they have started focusing on their marriage. Likewise, Danielle is choosing to start therapy for herself. Additionally, they are looking to hire two nannies to assist with the chaotic day-to-day living of eight people and their abundant needs. On top of their already busy schedule, Danielle feels called to start a support group for parents of multiples. While Adam thinks they need less on their plate, Danielle pushes for the desired connection with other moms.

Busby Quints - OutDaughtered
Busby Quints – OutDaughtered

Adam & Danielle Busby Discuss Attending Eye-Opening Event

In the June 18 episode of OutDaughtered, Adam and Danielle Busby take steps to meet up with other parents of multiple children. With Danielle’s passion for coordinating and desire to be understood, she arranges a meet-up with two other families. They take their six girls, Blayke, and quintuplets, Riley, Hazel, Ava, Olivia, and Parker to a huge extravaganza.

The Busbys get together with other families with multiples. - OutDaughtered
The Busbys get together with other families with multiples. – OutDaughtered

Together with Jason and Brittani, who are parents to 9-year-old quadruplet daughters, and Danny and Mandi, who have 4-year-old twin boys and 1 ½ -year-old triplets, they had a spectacular event. While it was “another thing” to do, Adam and Danielle admit it was eye-opening to see other parents working through similar struggles. Adam says, “It was so freeing.” He felt understood by other people who knew what they were facing in their daily lives. He says, “You could totally let your guard down around these people because they completely understand.”

Danny and Mandi's twins, Beckett and Benson, and triplets, Kole, Boston and Bayler. - Instagram
OutDaughtered friends Danny and Mandi’s twins, Beckett and Benson, and triplets, Kole, Boston, and Bayler. – Instagram

Although Adam Busby wasn’t very happy that Danielle Busby was adding another thing to her overwhelming schedule, he confesses the huge event was therapeutic. Reflecting on the event, he says, “I had a blast meeting these other parents with multiples. I mean, you know, I was more concerned that like, OK, this is just like one more thing added to our list of things that got to get done this week.” During a confessional interview, he adds, “But I saw it as a net positive. And the kids had an absolute blast for sure.”

Other Multiples

During the playdate, Adam and Danielle Busby’s crew came together with two other families to bounce out some of their pent-up energy at a trampoline park. Danny and Mandi’s twins, Beckett and Benson, and triplets, Kole, Boston, and Bayler, stuck closely to their parents and siblings. However, the Busby quintuplets hit it off perfectly with the quadruplets, Elle, Remi, Kylie, and Landry. All in all, the nine girls were playing together throughout the afternoon. In a confessional, Ava says, “It was fun meeting multiples like us.” Likewise, Olivia agreed and said it was lots of fun. But Riley’s eyes were also opened to a whole new world. She said, “I thought we were the only ones,” referring to families with multiple kids the same age.

The Busby quints meet a group of quads. OutDaughtered - Instagram
The Busby quints meet a group of quads. OutDaughtered – Instagram

Danielle Busby Sighs With Relief

While the big day came with chaos of large family stressors, Danielle Busby seemed to have a sigh of relief just being there. “It really was something I feel like we probably all needed,” Danielle said in an OutDaughtered interview. Admittedly, she felt seen. She says, “All three families probably needed a little bit of that — like we’re not in it alone type of thing.” When Danielle talked with the other moms she said, “This has been fun. I’ve always felt like no one gets me like no one understands my life.” Since this event had other people with lives similar to the Busbys, they could directly relate to each other.

Danielle Busby Determines She Needs Change

Finally, Danielle Busby is realizing she can’t do it all. She says, “I’m changing something this year. I like to stay busy, I like to be working and it’s hard for me to stop, but you’re going to get burnt out. So I need to lessen stress. I’ve got to hire people to keep up with the house, so I can focus on just, like, my sanity, I think.”

She realizes there's a lot of work to do in therapy. - OutDaughtered
Danielle Busby realizes there’s a lot of work to do in therapy. – OutDaughtered

In many ways, Danielle thought she should be able to keep up with everything, but was frustrated with Adam when she couldn’t sustain it. When she started talking with the other moms she began to understand she couldn’t ignore her personal needs. “Talking with Brittani and Mandi, just about what is it that they need for their own mental health and their own ‘therapy‘ — it makes me feel okay that I need that too. As alone as I feel, I’m actually not the only one.” Furthermore, Brittani echoes, “I think that’s good that you’re doing that. And it sets a good example for your kids.”

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What do you think about the huge eye-opening event that Adam and Danielle Busby attended with their big clan? Do you think it will help Danielle make the much-needed changes to her life? Are you enjoying this season of OutDaughtered? Drop your comments below.

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