‘OutDaughtered’ Adam Busby Uncovers A New Fear

Adam, Parker, Blayke, Ava Busby. - OutDaughtered

Recently, OutDaughtered dad, Adam Busby, discovers a fear he was unaware he had. While he was explaining an encounter, fans brought up some valid points that made him realize his new fear.

Danielle And Adam Busby Are Facing Many Fears

Lately, the OutDaughtered parents, Danielle and Adam Busby are having a hard time managing life and their marriage. However, after twenty years of marriage, one thirteen-year-old, and five nine-year-olds later, the couple is admitting they need help. While their journey through this season of their life is hectic, they are facing some of their fears along the way.

Adam Busby and Danielle Busby. - OutDaughtered
Adam Busby and Danielle Busby. – OutDaughtered

For instance, they are getting to the root of issues that are hard to stomach at times. Hearing from each other at the marriage retreat came with pain, but they must communicate and try to move forward. Likewise, they are experiencing some rejection not only from each other but also in their search for new nannies. The road is a bit rocky trying to meet all the needs of a large family on a low budget. But they know that things need to change. While they are sorting through this difficult stage, Adam admits he has uncovered a new fear he didn’t know he had.

Adam Busby Uncovers A New Fear

On Adam Busby’s Instagram page, he talks about discovering a fear he didn’t even know he had. He attached a video with the caption: “New fear unlocked. Thanks guys… does this make you rethink taking a blanket to a public place?” In the video, he explains he was at the mall with Blayke but saw the Quints at the movie theater. When he picks them up, they all have blankets at the movies. It was surprising to him they all had blankets because that wasn’t something he has seen.

Adam Busby admits he unlocked a new fear. - Instagram
Adam Busby admits he unlocked a new fear. – Instagram

Afterward, he says he posts about the experience, wondering if anyone else takes a blanket to watch movies. While most responses were “No” to taking blankets, he uncovered a fear he was unaware he had. Before he knew it, he says a new fear was “unlocked.” In his DMs, Adam got comments about…”Bed Bugs.” With that realization, Adam started thinking about how blankets could bring in all sorts of things into the theater. Just thinking about the spread of critters from homes to a public place opened up a new fear for Adam.

Fans Add Their Comments

In the comments sections, many other OutDaughtered fans let Adam Busby know what they thought about the blankets and his newfound fear.

  • “Just FYI, you can bring bed bugs home from the theater even without a blanket.”
  • “I never thought of it. It’s kind of freaky. But that’s what I was just thinking they can come home when you’re clothes from anywhere.”
  • “Seriously Adam!!!!! Thanks for that new fear.”
  • “Exactly😂😂😂😂 Adam needs to relax a lil too much overthinking.” But someone else has a counter-argument, “Adam isn’t overthinking at all. Theatres are infested with Bed Bugs. Do your homework and learn.”
  • “So gross! I’m extremely cautious at hotels but never thought about theaters.”
He was unaware how strongly he felt about taking blankets to the movies. - Instagram
He was unaware of how strongly he felt about taking blankets to the movies. – Instagram

Many Mixed Feelings About Adam Busby’s Fear

  • “I just went to theater myself and didn’t get bedbugs,if you’re not going to take chances in life you’re not living…get out your head and live a little that’s all I’m saying.”
  • I would not do this. It’s also why I never lean my head against the headrest at the movies. Lice. As a teacher I have heard from many a parent that their little kiddo got lice from the movie headrest. Sorry if this gives you another new fear…but better to be aware.”
  • “Movie theaters are disgusting in general.”
  • “Omg it’s sad to see people in these comments living in fear of something that might not happen and if it does just deal with it, and continue living life to fullest.”
  • “Ha I used to bring a scarf and a plastic bag to the movies to protect from lice AND bedbugs. Now I just only choose leather recliner theaters and wipe them down w a chlorox wiwipes. I get a lot of stares, but I don’t get bugs!!!”


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What do you think about Adam Busby’s newest “unlocked” fear? Do you have the same fear? Does it make you itch just thinking about it? Are you ready to see the new episodes of OutDaughtered? Drop your comments below.

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