Adam & Danielle Busby Blasted For Baby Talk, Not Cute Anymore?

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Adam and Danielle Busby have landed in some hot water in the snarkland of Reddit as the quints have just turned eight and the couple seemingly shows no signs of stopping or slowing down with condoning baby talk. On Reddit, fans of OutDaughtered have their own thoughts on the continued support of baby talk (none of which is positive). Overall, however, the general consensus is that Adam and Danielle aren’t doing their girls any favors by allowing them to continue to speak as if they were still toddlers.

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Adam & Danielle Busby Blasted For Baby Talk, Not Cute Anymore?

On Reddit, one OutDaughtered fan calls attention to the fact that the Busby Quints recently turned eight and still frequently engage in baby talk. Fans that frequent Adam and Danielle’s Instagram point out that it is not uncommon for Adam and Danielle to even talk back in the same baby talk to their girls. The fan notes that it is “not cute anymore.” and the TLC stars need to teach their girls how to communicate properly. This particular fan goes on to express a fear that these girls are going to become teenagers in the blink of an eye and still engage in baby talk.

OutDaughtered - Danielle Busby Instagram
OutDaughtered – Danielle Busby Instagram

In the comments of this thread, OutDaughtered fans speculate Adam and Danielle Busby continue to allow baby talk to happen because it is a way to keep the girls in the young and cute stage of life. These fans, however, gone on to point out that they are no longer cute little toddlers and the parents need to support them growing up while making better parenting choices.

Fans think Hazel Uses Lots Of Baby Talk

Talking about each of the quints individually, another fan points out that Hazel Busby’s baby talk is far worse than the other girls. The fan, however, doesn’t blame Hazel because everyone seemingly agrees Adam and Danielle often baby her more so than the other girls. This fan admits they thought her accent was the reason they couldn’t understand her for a long time. But, now they are realizing it is the heavy amount of continued baby talk.

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For the most part, fans agreed Riley Busby would ditch the baby talk on her own. And, they agreed Olivia was seemingly the most well-spoken of the group. Fans currently peg Ava as Danielle’s favorite quint and Parker as Adam’s favorite.

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  1. Blayke is going to be a teenager next year and, she better stay out of trouble and not make poor decisions. I see how teenagers are such as rebellion and peer pressure. I bet Danielle and Adam will have their sights on her and not to fall into the wrong crowd. It’s an awesome family and, they are well grounded. They ought to cut out the baby talk and, let them grow up like any other normal human beings. I am not saying this to offend but, it’s my opinion.

    Overall, it’s an awesome family!

    1. I’ve taught sixth grade for 34 years. Blayke is a normal teenager with great parent involvement. Not a worry here. I’d take a whole classroom. Quints need to stop the selective baby talk though

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