‘OutDaughtered’ Danielle And Adam Busby’s Nanny Revealed?

Danielle and Adam Busby - OutDaughtered

In last week’s episode of OutDaughtered, Adam Busby was finally on board to work with Danielle Busby to find a new nanny. Additionally, the teaser for this week’s episode shows the process is underway. While Aunt Kiki Mills wasn’t the right fit, who will the Busbys decide to hire to help them?

Danielle And Adam Busby Give Aunt Kiki A Trial Run

Undeniably, the Busbys are feeling the chaos of their growing girls. In last week’s episode of OutDaughtered, Adam and Danielle Busby gave Aunt Kiki Mills a trial run at taking care of the quints. Without a doubt, Kiki was overrun with the task list that Danielle prepared for her. Admittedly, Kiki said she doesn’t even grocery shop for her family, but she was all about giving it a try if it would help the Busby. Additionally, she was happy to make some extra money.

Aunt Kiki Mills understands why Danielle and Adam Busby are overwhelmed after her trial run. - OutDaughtered
Aunt Kiki Mills understands why Danielle and Adam Busby are overwhelmed after her trial run. – OutDaughtered

However, as the shopping, cleaning, laundry, and chauffeuring quints began to add up, she said “peace out” to that job opportunity. Combined with the disrespect the quints showed her, it was beyond the scope of work she was expecting. But Adam and Danielle know they need help. In this week’s episode, they have candidates’ interviews are all on the schedule to see if there is a good fit. However, Danielle runs into a big snag in the plan. Sadly, the process will take longer than they expect. In the present day, fans believe Danielle revealed who they chose to be a nanny.

Danielle And Adam Busby’s Nanny Revealed?

On Reddit, OutDaughtered fans believe they have the mystery solved. One person starts a feed saying, “Now We Know Who the Nanny Is!” Then, they say, “On Danielle‘s latest IG, she has pics of her ’employee’ Darby. She’s been with them a few years. They met when Danielle and Adam crashed Darby’s brother’s wedding in Mexico. I knew they had help! TLC can shove it.”

  • “Why TLC? did they say they don’t have help? Of course anyone with 6 daughters will need help lol even if it’s family.”
  • “Yes, this season D&A were making a big deal about how overwhelmed Danielle is and they’re looking for a nanny. They made it seem like they’ve never had one!”
  • “Every time they talk about not needing nanny help/never having needed someone I’m like ‘did they just forget Taylor existed???’”
Danielle Busby introduces her employee, Darby. - Instagram
Danielle Busby introduces her employee, Darby. – Instagram

Fans Join In The Conversation

After the initial post, several other OutDaughtered fans gave their thoughts on Adam and Danielle Busby having a nanny. Additionally, they discuss Darby’s reveal.

  • “I think maybe this is why the show feels fake for the past few seasons. The main storyline is how they are so busy and swamped and they no help. They clearly have help and that is why it feels so inauthentic. I am not judging them for having a nanny, I am a nanny so zero judgement. I just wish the struggles they were dealing with are actually authentic.”
  • “The Busbys have two nannies. Apparently Darby is one, and I don’t know who the other one is. They’ve had these two for years.”
  • “There was also a lady named Deb who took care of the quints on a regular basis and went on vacations with them.”
Adam and Danielle Busby's family friend, Deb, helps with the kids. - OutDaughtered
Adam and Danielle Busby’s family friend, Deb, helps with the kids. – OutDaughtered
  • “And when they are filming, a lot of adults there on set watch them. So they fine, amongst all the other help they get. They are big enough now. They are spoiled that’s why they whine like Mom.
  • “The nanny’s need to be fired did u see how messy that house is? No one cooks, cleans or grocery shops!! Ya can’t be eating fast food or take out daily w/six kids! If the horrible eating habits continue these girls gonna get fat real quick!”
Danielle enjoying some time with the girls. - Instagram
Danielle Busby enjoying some time with the girls. – Instagram

Is Darby The Nanny?

While Adam and Danielle Busby’s lives need help, is Darby the nanny? Undeniably, from her pictures on Instagram, Darby seems to be very close to the quints. Danielle’s post shows that Darby is essential in helping with the family. Danielle mentions in the caption: “My Do It All Darby!!! She still holds her nick name strong! I love her as a person, as an employee and I love the fact that she loves our crazy wild life – the girls & dogs 🤪 – and she is part of our family!!”

Darby seems to work for Graeson Bee. - Instagram
Darby seems to work for Danielle Busby at Graeson Bee. – Instagram

Was this Danielle giving away who they picked to care for the girls? Perhaps, but Darby is also a big part of Graeson Bee. She is a frequent model in the pictures and is often present at events. Does she work with Danielle at the shop as well as with the girls as a full-time nanny? At this time, whatever her title, she seems to be a perfect match for the Busby family.

  • On Instagram, Darby replies, “I love y’all so much!!!!❤️ So thankful to be apart of y’all’s crazy fam 🤪.”

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What do you think? Is Darby the nanny? Do you think Danielle and Adam Busby will find a happy balance with managing their household? Are you ready for the newest episode of OutDaughtered? Drop your comments below.

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