‘OutDaughtered’ Fans Fear Busby Kids’ Lives Are In Danger

Hazel, Olivia, Riley, Ava, and Parker Busby - OutDaughtered

Recently, OutDaughtered fans became very concerned for the six Busby girls. Some people believe Adam and Danielle Busby are putting their lives in danger.

OutDaughtered Amps Up The Stress

Undeniably, many OutDaughtered fans are stressing about the current season of the show. While some believe Adam and Danielle Busby are heading toward divorce, others are baffled by the quints’ disrespect. Unmistakably, the bickering has become a norm in their household. Without a doubt, some stages in life come with more tension than others. But in addition to the uptick in stressors for the family, now fans think it could be even more serious. Some people believe the six Busby kids: Ava, Hazel, Olivia, Parker, Riley, and big sis, Blayke Busby‘s lives may be in danger.

Hazel, Parker, Riley, Ava, and Olivia Busby - OutDaughtered
Hazel, Parker, Riley, Ava, and Olivia Busby – OutDaughtered

Fans Fear Busby Kids’ Lives Are In Danger

Although many parts of the Busbys’ life look enchanting, other parts are pure chaos. However, fans spot several points of danger in the OutDaughtered environment. On Reddit, a fan started a conversation saying, “Kid Safety.” Then they add, “Am I the only one who gets really stressed out about how the kids never wear helmets while riding their bikes, etc? Like just because a kid knows HOW to ride a bike doesn’t mean they shouldn’t still wear a helmet. I’m a little surprised TLC doesn’t crack down on it, even if just for the show, but then again maybe they think they have bigger fish to fry…”

Fans are concerned the Busby family doesn't wear helmets. - OutDaughtered
Fans are concerned the Busby family doesn’t wear helmets. – OutDaughtered
  • Another fan points out, “The lack of seatbelt safety drives me INSANE. none of the girls where their belts correctly, and i’m pretty sure riley was riding in adam’s truck without a booster seat in the most recent episode. so, so dangerous.”
  • “When they all went on the boat in the Gulf, no one was wearing a life preserver either.”
Quints - OutDaughtered
Busby Quints – OutDaughtered

Fans Add To The Discussion

Undeniably, OutDaughtered fans notice Danielle and Adam Busby ignoring some concerning safety precautions. Additionally, fans think it is shocking that TLC isn’t enforcing safety at least while on camera.

  • “Helmets actually prevent traumatic brain injury. It is pretty ignorant to not wear one, and it is even more ignorant to not make your child wear one. And Texas has a load of bad drivers. Just because a child is not going fast does not mean that a vehicle could not hit them. A child can also have a traumatic brain injury from a fall from a bike. It is irresponsible for TLC to even televise this.”
  • “Right? Like I’d imagine there are a lot of kids who watch the show and they’re going to think it’s okay not to wear one themselves.”
The Busby kids biking. - OutDaughtered
Busby kids biking. – OutDaughtered

OutDaughtered Fans Find The Lack Of Safety Alarming

Several fans were adamant about the need for safety helmets when riding bikes based on their own experiences. Likewise, some have detected multiple times Adam and Danielle Busby haven’t required their daughters to buckle up either.

  • “It’s very dangerous my brother was hit on his bike and was in the icu with internal bleeding and is now paralyzed waist down thank God he had a helmet or he’d be dead.”
  • “I am more worried about the lack of seatbelt safety. A few weeks ago danielle was filming a insta story while adam was driving and she showed the kids and you saw blayke, parker, hazel and ava without seatbelts and ava&hazel where even sitting backwards.  They then blame it on the fact they can’t see what happens in the back of the van because the van is big. Don’t they make sure the kids are seatted decently before they leave?  I am surprised for 2 people who desperately wanted to have kids, the lack of safety, wether it is on a bike or in the car, is mind blowing. “
Fans think it is irresponsible of the parents to allow the girls to ride without helmets. - Reddit
Fans think it is irresponsible of the parents to allow the Busby girls to ride without helmets. – Reddit

Some Believe It Is Unusual Danielle Busby Doesn’t Care

Many OutDaughtered fans find it surprising Danielle Busby’s apparent need for control doesn’t include these safety measures. While another fan was quick to note they don’t stress over TV kids because they are busy taking care of their own.

  • “I think it’s less TLC and more that the parents don’t care that they don’t wear one. I don’t agree with it and I find it odd a parent like Danielle who seems to like to be in control would be okay with 5 kids being in charge of their own safety.”
  • “I would never be stressed over kids on tv. I have my own to stress over. Five of them. Lol.”

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Kid Safety
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What do you think about Danielle and Adam Busby’s kids not wearing safety helmets? Do you think they are putting their kids’ lives in danger? Are you ready to see more episodes of OutDaughtered? Drop your comment below.

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