‘OutDaughtered’ Adam Busby Makes Bold Statement That Offends

Adam Busby - OutDaughtered

In the latest episode, OutDaughtered Dad, Adam Busby, makes a bold statement that rubs some fans the wrong way. While some fans were quick to come to his defense of being able to like and do what he wants, others believe it is a “bad look” for the show.

Danielle And Adam Busby Get Backlash For Their Choices

Lately, OutDaughtered viewers have noticed some stances by Danielle and Adam Busby that have them concerned. One area is the safety of the Busby girls. Another is the parenting choices that fans observe during the show. While many people are saying that they are spoiling the quints. Additionally, some find the girls to be disrespectful for their age, others believe they are just kids doing little kid things. Likewise, the couple has fans split over their relationship issues this season.

Adam Busby - OutDaughtered
Adam Busby – OutDaughtered

Some are “team Danielle,” who feels life is overly stressful, while others are “team Adam,” who gets passive-aggressive treatment from his wife on almost everything he does. But in addition to the backlash Adam and Danielle are getting for parenting and their relationship, they are also hearing about one particular bold statement Adam made. Some fans think the recent statement by Adam was appalling and a “bad look” for the show overall.

Adam Busby Makes Bold Statement That Offends

On Reddit, OutDaughtered viewers were discussing a bold statement that Adam Busby made during the latest episode. First, a commenter says, “Really!” Then, they continue saying, “Last night’s episode. Don’t think this is a good look for the show.” Along with the message, the viewer adds a screenshot of Adam with a T-shirt with two controversial topics. In a blue shirt, Adam makes a bold statement with his clothing choice. The white lettering stands out with all capital letters stating: “EAT MEAT SHOOT GUNS.” Without a doubt, the four words get underneath some viewers’ skin.

  • Another user says, “Texas born and bred (safely in NM). had to stop watching the show because they embody everything that annoyed me about the ‘Texas mentality’. The massive, in-your-face 5k lb truck is high on that list— all fun and game until the bike you back over is the kid you couldn’t see because your city commuter vehicle is taller than some other cars on the road.”
  • Another person jokes, “It’s like he’s trying too hard to be ‘manly’ with this shirt.”
  • Someone else generalizes the entire state of Texas, saying, “They live in Texas. What do you expect? 😂.”
OutDaughtered viewers discuss Adam Busby's controversial shirt. - Reddit
OutDaughtered viewers discuss Adam Busby’s controversial shirt. – Reddit

Not Everyone Finds Adam Busby’s Shirt Offensive

While the topics of whether to eat meat or have and shoot guns are both controversial, many Redditors don’t find the statements bothersome. Instead, some people like Adam Busby’s style.

  • “I love the shirt.”
  • “I kind of expected them to be conservative. i am not, but this doesn’t bother or matter to me, lol.”
  • “I’m no fan of these people but that seems like a bit of a reach.”
  • “Why? There’s nothing wrong with either thing. lol”
  • “Oh, he eats meat alright.”
  • Another fan notes, “Apparently it’s from Good Ranchers.”
  • “A) I’d be shocked if he’s ever shot a gun in his life. B) I bet Dale dared him to wear it 🤣.”
Some Redditors discuss how the OutDaughtered "Texas mentality" is annoying. - Reddit
Some Redditors discuss how the OutDaughtered “Texas mentality” is annoying. – Reddit

Fans Comment About The Right To Like What You Want

Other OutDaughtered fans find the reaction to Adam Busby’s shirt surprising. Furthermore, they assert people should be able to like what they want to.

  • “I think people are easily offended. We’re allowed to eat meat and like guns. Just because you don’t doesn’t mean you have to get offended. I also don’t care for guns either but idc if other people like them.”
  • “Da*n yall really mad about the second amendment huh? I know I’ll get downvoted but meat and guns are two of my favorite things. How are you going to get mad over something someone else likes?”
  • “I think it’s turned into more of a political thing, which is the most polarizing subject in the country at this point. Most liberals I know either own a gun or like guns, too. I own guns. I wouldn’t wear something like this shirt because it gives off republican vibes, IMO.”

byu/OkAbbreviations2334 inoutdaughtered

What do you think about the shirt Adam Busby was wearing? Do you think his bold statement is offensive or a “bad look” for OutDaughtrered? Do you think TLC should have kept him from wearing it? Drop your comments below.

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  1. I saw his shirt but didn’t even read it. It’s a shirt I don’t care. Seeing it now I still don’t care. people are too sensitive and have too much time on their hands.

  2. wear what you want. the whole uproar is ridiculous. if ya’ll don’t like it, don’t watch!

  3. I don’t watch the show to see adam and Danielle I like watching the girls and how they are growing up I never even paid attention to their clothes or what’s even on it we all raise our children different no one is better than anyone else we all have our own opinions and ideas children are only little once so let them be children

    1. But those children don’t have to be so disrespectful. The parents have no control over them girls and they need to teach them how to be respectful to their elders 🤔

  4. I don’t mind the shirt as much as I I minded the episode where they had Aunt KiKi grocery shopping and working in the house while Adam and Danielle hung out at the shop. He was laying on a sofa and she wasn’t doing anything. when KiKi and the kids got there they even had to do the plants for the event.

  5. It doesn’t bother me what other people wear, as long as it’s not curse words my grandchildren can read! People should get upset about more important things going on in the world & not what’s on reality tv stars clothes!

  6. I don’t mind the shirt but I do mind how unruly and disrespectful those kids are 🤔🙄They better do something with them before they get older in their teenage years, those girls already telling the grown ups No and what they are going to do and not going to do, can you imagine how they are going to be talking to them when they are teenagers 🤔🤔🤔 Those girls needs some discipline. And the parents don’t seem to be getting along to good just look at his expressions 🤔🙄 I’ve only watched the show two times because those children are to growny and mouthy and disrespectful for me…😡

  7. The shirt did not bother me, but the failure to give a stern no, when asked by the 12 year old; requesting a YouTube page. Adam did check her attitude, but tell her no, and explain the exposure is not appropriate. I understand the couple wanting the girls to participate in extra curricular, but have them help with household choirs…

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