‘American Idol’ Fans Disgusted, Katy Perry’s Lady Parts Hanging Out

American Idol Katy Perry - YouTube/Idols Global

American Idol fans have taken to social media to express their disgust over one of Katy Perry‘s latest outfit choices. Pointing out that the competition show is supposed to be family-friendly, many viewers found the judge’s latest look to be inappropriate. Continue reading to see why fans are asking that Katy Perry be more mindful of her clothing choices in the future.

Katy Perry’s Earlier Wardrobe Malfunction

During the Top 14 reveal episode, Katy Perry had a wardrobe malfunction that almost had her flashing everyone in the audience and at home. The American Idol judge was sporting a two-piece black metallic outfit. However, the top broke off during one contestant’s performance.

Ryan Seacrest noticed that Katy was struggling with her outfit and joked with her, “Katy, don’t cut yourself!” She acknowledged that she was having trouble and said, “That song… um… broke my top off… I guess it is a woman’s world!”

American Idol Katy Perry - YouTube/Access Hollywood
YouTube/Access Hollywood

Luke Bryan chimed in, trying to lighten the mood, and mentioned that the show’s ratings may go up now. Katy Perry looked uncomfortable, pointing out that American Idol is a family program. She attempted to cover up with a pillow from behind the judges’ table.

Now, fans are upset about Katy Perry’s latest outfit choice. Although it wasn’t actively falling apart on stage, it wasn’t covering much. Viewers at home voiced their opinions about her risque clothing.

American Idol Fans Speak Out About Katy’s Outfit

Several people took to social media to express their feelings about the American Idol judge’s outfit choice after Sunday night’s episode. One fan wrote on X, “Katy Perry was disgusting with her boobs hanging out! I saw Luke looking at them! This is a family show!”


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Another viewer chimed in, “Katy Perry! Can you dress more like Luke!!! No one wants to see that!!!.” A third person wrote, “Terrible wardrobe for Katy Perry. She acted like she was afraid to move or she would lose something. But oh how she poses and acts when the camera is on her. She needs to go!!!”

One fan pointed out that this isn’t the first time that Katy Perry’s wardrobe caused an NSFW moment on American Idol this season. “Why do Katy’s clothes always fall apart? Time to get a new stylist!” they wrote, while another agreed, “Can y’all PLEASE Get some clothes on Katy it’s so uncomfortable watching her knowing she cannot stand up, walk or anything with the outfit she has on.”

Earlier this year, Katy Perry announced that she would not be returning to American Idol for Season 23. There still has been no confirmation about who will replace the beloved Idol judge.

What did you think about Katy Perry’s outfit? Sound off in the comments below.

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  1. I did not think her outfit was appropriate!! American idol is not rated R!!!! She should know better

    1. I think she does it for attention! I mean last week she kept her legs up in the air and up in Luke’s face. What is wrong with her? She looked like she had put on a black garage bag!! With her tits hanging out! Very inappropriate!!

  2. I love Katy Perry… Who cares there’s a lot more going on in the us besides her dress choices… I thought all Fall’um aparts closed down (Kmart) she’s great keep on keep’n on

      1. I never usually watch that show. happened to see that one where perry is hanging out and it compelled me to turn the channel even faster .
        I felt like I’m watching soft porn .against my will .very inappropriate.

  3. Definitely time for Katy to make a graceful exit from the show. Hopefully the next judge will not think the camera should be on her instead of the contestants. Covering nipples only is not appropriate for this show.

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