Ryan Seacrest Talks Katy Perry’s ‘American Idol’ Replacement

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Katy Perry is leaving American Idol after this season. The hit reality singing competition series has had the same three judges since it returned to ABC, and this is the first change since its reboot. Ryan Seacrest, the host since the start on Fox, has recently talked about Katy leaving the series.

Here is what Ryan had to say and when he thinks American Idol will announce her replacement.

Ryan Seacrest On Katy Perry Leaving American Idol

Katy Perry shocked her fans and co-stars when she announced she was leaving American Idol at the end of this season. Luke Bryan said their contracts are year-to-year, so any judge can exit after any season since nothing locks them down for multiple seasons on the show. For Katy, it is time to depart the series.

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This is because Katy Perry wants to release new music and tour the world performing concerts, with her daughter in tow. Katy admitted that she misses making music and touring. This allows her to hit the road again without worrying about American Idol.

When talking about Katy leaving, Ryan Seacrest said American Idol will miss the judge. “(Katy) just brought an amazing generosity and love and big heart, that kind of spirit to the show,” Ryan said (via Fox News). “To whoever comes in, we hope they’ll have that same kind of impact.”

Ryan Seacrest On Katy Perry’s American Idol Replacement

The good news is that Katy Perry isn’t leaving for good. She clarified that she plans to return, and whoever replaces her needs to keep her seat warm. When asked about the replacement, Ryan said American Idol should let fans know soon.

Meghan Trainor - YouTube/TODAY

“There are a few people at the top of that shortlist that could be great,” Ryan said. “We should make that decision soon though, I hope.” This means American Idol fans don’t need to worry about Ryan leaving, even though he is taking over as the new Wheel of Fortune host later this year.

While Ryan let fans know that the decision should arrive soon, he has his shortlist that he wants to see on American Idol. He mentioned Meghan Trainor as a good possibility to replace Katy. Meghan served as a guest mentor this season on the show and did very well in her role. On the show when she appeared, Ryan and Luke Bryan commented that she could be a “fun replacement” for Katy.

Whatever happens, it will be a temporary replacement. Katy Perry said that American Idolhealed her heart” and that she needed a break from the show. She emphasizes that she will return after her break to make music and tour the world.

What are your thoughts on who should replace Katy Perry on American Idol? Do you think Meaghan Trainor would be a good judge for the show? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. no thank U…..
    she is a one hit train wreck….
    U need someone who knows the business that can help newbies….
    Megan isn’t it….IMO‼️

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