‘Survivor 46’: Who Will Win The Season Finale?

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Survivor 46 ends his week and there are five people left who can win the show. Two of the final competitors have mostly controlled the season. The other three might be outside challengers, However, all five have a chance to win and only one of them will walk out as the champion.

Here is a look at who is left on Survivor this season and who we think will win it all.

Who Is Left On Survivor 46 For Finale?

There are five competitors left on Survivor 46 this season. They are Ben Katzman, Charlie Davis, Kenzie Petty, Liz Wilcox, and Maria Shrime Gonzalez. This Wednesday night, there will be a three-hour finale where only one person will survive and cash in the million-dollar check for winning the reality competition.

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There are a lot of questions heading into the finale. Last week, Maria tried to blindside her close ally Charlie. They have worked together all season. While Charlie considered blindsiding Maria, he didn’t. However, now that she has done it, and failed, how will Charlie react?

“The finale starts in the aftermath of Maria’s attempted blindside of Charlie,” Jeff Probst said about the finale (via EW). “How do you recover when your plan fails? They have been loyal alliance members for most of the game, but have become each other’s number one target.”

This makes it sound like they are the two biggest competitors to win. However, Probst also said there are three other challengers and there is no telling how this will play out in the end.

Charlie and Maria made it to the finale by working together all season. The two have manipulated almost every vote into eliminating everyone they felt was the biggest challenger to their path to victory. However, Kenzie and Ben have both played strong games as well. As for Liz, she has garnered sympathy and could be a jury favorite for the final vote.

Who Will Win Survivor 46?

Likely, Liz would be a smart person to target early to remove that threat when the jury vote arrives. Charlie is the only person who has been part of every single vote this season. He even got support last week when Maria tried to eliminate him. If Q hadn’t held his Immunity Idol, Charlie would be gone. Q made a bad move and Charlie is in the finale.

Charlie is also on good terms with many jury members, including Soda, Tevin, Tiffany, and Venus.

However, Kenzie has made the best moves this season while surviving on her own merits. She has never been in danger, but doesn’t have the same relationship with the jury members as Charlie and might be a safe person to carry into the finale if Charlie wants to win.

Maria tried to blindside Charlie. That might mark her for targeting in the first part of the finale. If Charlie or Kenzie wins the challenge, it might be Maria and Liz who end up competing to make it into the finals. They each need to win the Immunity to save themselves.

Ben honestly has the least chance of winning.

With that in mind, expect Charlie to be the odds-on favorite to win it all unless something bad happens and Maria wins the challenge to send him into the do-or-die challenge. If Charlie ends up eliminated there, Maria might have the best chance to win, although you can’t count out Kenzie if it comes to a vote between those two.

Who do you think will win Survivor 46 in the end? Do you agree with our choices or do you think someone will surprise them all? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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