Ryan Seacrest Feeling Pressure Ahead Of ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Gig

Ryan Seacrest and Vanna White from Wheel of Fortune

The time is nearing for Ryan Seacrest to replace Pat Sajak as the host of Wheel of Fortune. Sajak has hosted the show for more than 40 years, so it will be a huge change for fans to see a new person stepping into the role. Even though Ryan has been in front of America for two decades now, he still feels the pressure of this new job.

Here is what Ryan had to say about joining Wheel of Fortune and the pressure he feels.

Ryan Seacrest Preparing For Wheel Of Fortune Role

Fans got a little taste this week of what the new Wheel of Fortune pairing will look like when the switch happens. Vanna White, who has served as the Wheel of Fortune co-host for decades now, appeared on American Idol. This happened on Monday night and Vanna stood by Ryan as they prepared to introduce the second half of the top 20.

Ryan Seacrest - YouTube, TODAY

Ryan let fans know this was coming on Instagram. He called it “The TV crossover you didn’t know you needed” in the post and said fans could tune in to “catch a glimpse of wheely exciting things to come!” However, this might have done even more to remind Ryan of the upcoming gig and the pressure that will come along with it.

“No one can ever do what Pat has done. He is incredible,” Seacrest said. “He has made that show just something … so no one can be him.” Ryan went on to say he feels a lot of “pressure” because people love watching Pat. He finished by saying he wants them to keep loving watching the show and he hopes “to do a great job as well” (via PEOPLE).

When Does Ryan Seacrest Take Over On Wheel Of Fortune?

Ryan Seacrest said he is ready to take over the role of Wheel of Fortune host. He also said he has been preparing for it his entire life. Ryan said he has watched the show since he was a child and he knows how much it means to people at home.


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Pat Sajak is in his final season as Wheel of Fortune host and when the new season ends, he will step down. He will remain on board as a consultant for three years, but Ryan Seacrest will join Vanna White as the show’s host. The first season with Ryan and Vanna will start in September 2024. The show almost lost Vanna, but she agreed to a new contract to stay on board with a nice raise.

What are your thoughts about Ryan Seacrest replacing Pat Sajak on Wheel of Fortune? Do you think he will fit in well and slide right into the role? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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