‘Big Brother’ Star Rumored For ‘The Traitors 3’ Cast

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The Traitors brings in notorious reality TV stars from across many networks. This includes some members of the Big Brother nation. The third season of The Traitors will start filming in Scotland soon and it appears as if a popular Big Brother star is heading out for this season.

Here is a look at who might be coming to The Traitors this season from BB.

Which Big Brother Star Could Be On The Traitors Season 3?

Big Brother is a show that has lent its stars to various other shows in the past, including The Amazing Race and The Challenge. There have been some BB stars that appeared in The Traitors’ first two seasons. This includes Cody Calafiore, Rachel Reilly (both in Season 1), Dan Gheesling, and Janelle Pierzina (in Season 2).

Cody Calafiore via Instagram

In a social media post, GamerVev wrote, “I heard [Traitors] 3 departure is early June. BB16 lives on.” What could this mean? It sounds like there will be a Big Brother star on The Traitors again (which is no surprise). However, the hint lowers it down to one specific season – BB16.

Of course, Cody Calafiore was a runner-up that season. He followed that up by winning BB22. He then showed up in 2023 to compete in Big Brother: Reindeer Games but was eliminated in the second episode. Cody also appeared in The Traitors Season 1 in that same year. He finished the season in 11th place when he was banished in Episode 7.

Rachel Reilly made it one episode further than Cody. She ended up banished in Episode 8 and finished the competition in eighth place. Cirie Fields from Survivor: Panama won the show’s first season.

Other than Cody, who else from Big Brother 16 could appear on The Traitors?

Who Is Possible For The Traitors Season 3?

After making the post, several people came on to make some guesses. The biggest guesses include Victoria Rafaeli, Brittany Martinez, Nicole Franzel, and Frankie Grande.

The biggest theory was that Nicole Franzel was coming to The Traitors in Season 3. She first appeared on BB16 as the youngest contestant in the house that season. She was a threat throughout the season and then ended up voted out as the fifth jury member. Fans voted for her as one of the top three “America’s Favorite Houseguests” that season.

She returned in BB18 and won it all when she became the first-ever female to beat a male in the Final Two (she beat Paul Abrahamian). Nicole was back on more time in BB22, where she finished third. By the end, she had been in the house for 255 days, the most in history. She also came back in 2023 and won Big Brother Reindeer Games.

On top of BB, she also competed in The Amazing Race 31 and finished in fourth place. A fake cast listing was released recently, but it was revealed the cast there was from a spoof video.

Do you think Nicole is coming to The Traitors for Season 3? Do you think it might be another Big Brother 16 cast member? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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