‘American Idol’ Katy Perry Ignores Fans, Plays With Phone?

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Katy Perry is reportedly leaving American Idol, and allegedly, she ignored fans calling for her attention and played with her phone during commercial breaks. It came when the Top 8 competitors filmed, and some images were leaked. Fans of the show saw the competition on April 29 and Kaibrienne “KB” Richins ended up eliminated.

Katy Perry’s Replacement Gets Discussed

If the famous judge hadn’t said she was leaving, then perhaps fans would be calling for her to go. They already did that over the years, but she seemed disinterested in the show, according to sources at the taping of the Top 8. There’s been a lot of talk about who might replace the judge.

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Katy Perry wants to go touring and singing again because she misses that life. However, she also wants to take her child along. It was Ryan Seacrest who claimed that the singing sensation would only be away temporarily. So, when she returns, if she returns, maybe she’ll have gotten the tour bug calmed down.

American Idol Judge Behaves Badly Towards The Audience?

The news that the 39-year-old award-winning singer snubbed fans came via The Sun. Their exclusive report claimed that an insider said:

It was off-putting to see how she was so into her phone and ignored fans who were shouting her name. Fans shouted, ‘Katy! Katy!” and, ‘We love you Katy!’ and if anything, she would quickly turn around to glance at them, but then went back to texting. She acted very cold toward the audience and would not sign any autographs or take any photos with them.

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Later, Katy Perry seemed to have finished with her phone, and in fairness, she did eventually pose for some selfies. The American Idol judge also threw some treats to a group of people before she started snacking. Apparently, her casual snub of fans happened during the commercial breaks. And, the groups she posed with happened after the show ended. During the commercials, she got up once, with “her note card, which she signed, [for] a singer’s relative.”

The Elimination of  Kaibrienne ‘KB’ Richins

Kaibrienne “KB” Richins was one of the contestants with a bit of a sad story., She revealed during her audition that she has a health issue. She suffers from an autoimmune illness that targets the thyroid gland. Often found in much older people, Hashimoto’s Disease can make people struggle mentally and physically. She did well to get as far as she did. Her final song was Traitor by Olivia Rodrigo but her voters couldn’t keep her in, so she went home.

What are your thoughts about Katy Perry allegedly ignoring the audience who called out their love? Do you think she played on the phone because she was bored with the talent show? Or, did she perhaps have an emergency that she needed to deal with? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for all your American Idol news.

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  1. I think they need a woman not all men judging and if Katy wants to go back to do her thing let her. But no judges should have a say let the boses decide or let America vote.

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