‘American Idol’ Will Fantasia Barrino Replace Katy Perry?

'American Idol' Fantasia Barrino - YouTube/BETNetworks

It has been 20 years since Fantasia Barrino won American Idol. The show really helped Fantasia kickstart her singing career. Now, the Idol alum is opening up about whether or not she would consider taking Katy Perry’s place on the program after this season. Here is what she had to say.

Would Fantasia Barrino Return To American Idol?

Apparently, Fantasia Barrino would love to join the panel of judges on American Idol. She spoke to Entertainment Tonight at the TIME 100 Gala on Thursday.

Fantasia said that she hadn’t heard about Katy Perry’s decision to leave Idol. However, if producers on the show called her, she would be interested in taking on the job.

'American Idol' Fantasia Barrino - YouTube/Jennifer Hudson Show
YouTube/Jennifer Hudson Show

“I’m gonna be honest, I would love to,” the 39-year-old singer said. “I think that those kids, when they’re coming into the game, I think that they need somebody to come in and not only show them how to sing a song, but how to handle the business because it’s a lot.”

“Just having somebody to say, ‘Hey, make sure you have this, make sure you have that. OK, sing this song, sing that song.’ Getting to know them, their upbringing, what makes you want to sing, why do you love this, why do you want this?” she continued. “So I would love to do it. I would be up for it.”

Fantasia Barrino Was Named TIME 100 Honoree

Returning to Idol would be a full-circle moment for Fantasia Barrino. She won the third season of the singing competition show and was only 19 years old at the time. Since then, she has won a GRAMMY and she’s also earned herself several Billboard Music Awards. Not to mention, the countless number of nominations she has received as an actress and singer.

Her most recent accomplishments include nominations at the SAG Awards and Golden Globes for her role in the 2023 The Color Purple. She played Celie in the film. The American Idol winner had already previously played the part of Celie on Broadway between 2006 and 2007, making her the first Idol alum to sing on Broadway.

'American Idol' Fantasia Barrino - YouTube/The Kelly Clarkson Show
YouTube/The Kelly Clarkson Show

The American Idol alum was at the TIME 100 Gala after being named TIME 100 honoree. She said that the combination of being an honoree the same year that she hit her 20-year Idol anniversary was overwhelming. The singer said it didn’t quite hit her until it was nearly time to get on stage.

“When I walked into the room yesterday for rehearsal, my husband came up and said, ‘Babe, it’s TIME 100, and I’m like, ‘OK.’ And he was like, ‘No, babe, you’re not excited enough, do you understand?'” she told ET. “It wasn’t until I walked into the room to rehearse to perform and I was like, ‘I know this room.’ Just last year, I was watching this same show and I said, ‘One day I’m gonna be in that room,’ and a year later, here I am.”

The judges on American Idol recently weighed in on possible replacements for Katy Perry. While none of them brought up Fantasia’s name specifically, it isn’t out of the realm of possibilities.

American Idol airs on Sundays and Mondays at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.

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