‘American Idol’ Luke Bryan, Lionel Richie Clash Over Katy Perry

Lionel Ritchie - Katy Perry - Luuke Bryan

Katy Perry is leaving American Idol and now it turns out that Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan are clashing over who should replace her. Luke strongly feels that the execs of the show should make the choice. Meanwhile, Lionel has other feelings about it.

Luke Bryan Initially Stayed Quiet On Katy Perry’s Departure

After the news that Katy Perry would leave, go off on tour, and make music again, American Idol fans immediately started wondering who would replace her. Host, Ryan Seacrest spoke out about it, saying that he hoped someone with a loving and generous heart would replace her.

American Idol Judges
American Idol Judges – Luke Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, Luke Bryan – ABC

Luke Bryan also talked about her departure, and he had already heard whispers about her leaving He said that he and Katy get along very well Actually, he always worked happily “alongside her.” Meanwhile, Lionel Richie might not have been such a good friend of the I Kissed a Girl singer.

Clashing With Lionel Richie?

According to a source who spoke with Life and Style, the two remaining judges have bumped heads over Katy Perry’s replacement. Actually, she might return to the show, but for now, her replacement affects those left behind. The country singer hasn’t got the same experience and influence as the older judge who started as a songwriter and singer with the Commodores.

American Idol Judges
American Idol Judges – ABC YouTube

The source claimed that Luke Bryan hates the way Lionel Richie allegedly tries to sway the execs toward bringing in one of his favorites. The source added:

Luke’s complaining Lionel’s trying to insert one of his favorites and hijack the show. [He] thinks the decision isn’t up to them, it’s the bosses who should decide, and he’s irritated that Lionel’s being so pushy behind the scenes. Lionel is constantly putting his two cents in to sway producers and saying they should get someone like Diana Ross, Kenny Chesney or Tim McGraw.

As Lionel Richie “collaborated” with those famous musicians, Luke Bryan might end up with Lionel being unfairly favored. Actually, that could also impact the competitors on American Idol.

Are Execs Worried About Tension Between The Judges?

Clashes between important members of a team could make the workplace ugly and fraught with tension. However, the source claimed that the American Idol execs don’t seem terribly worried about their clash. From their point of view, “competition helps the show.”

Luke Bryan is popular with fans of the talent show. So is Lionel Richie. Hopefully, the clash won’t boil over and end up with either of them also leaving the beloved talent show.

What are your thoughts about Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie allegedly clashing over Katy Perry’s replacement? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for all your American Idol news.

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