‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Fans Criticize Players For Disastrous Episode

Pat Sajak - Wheel Of Fortune

Lately, Wheel Of Fortune fans are beginning to question who is picking the contestants. Not only have the lack of puzzle-solving abilities been in question, but now fans are baffled by an episode that was almost a comedy of errors.

Pat Sajak’s Retirement Is Bringing A Wave Of Change

While the big chief Wheel Of Fortune long-time host, Pat Sajak is zipping toward retirement, the show is seemingly going in a different direction. Some fans have been vocal about the oddity of the puzzles being chosen. However, others feel like the caliber of contestants is going downhill.

Vanna White and Pat Sajak on Wheel of Fortune. Image from ABC Press Site
Vanna White and Pat Sajak on Wheel of Fortune. Image from ABC Press Site

Wheel Of Fortune Contestants Didn’t Quite Understand The Rules

During the May 8 episode of Wheel Of Fortune, fans were undeniably mystified by the elementary errors that the contestants made. Within the Grand Giveaways night, grandparents and their grandkids paired up: Rex and Katherine Wang; Sam Johnson and Linda Vian; and Jovanni White and Joan Bradshaw. Although Katherine touts she has been a Wheel watcher since the ’70s, fans aren’t buying it. Likewise, fans aren’t even sure any of the players understand the rules of the game.

Chaos Ensues During The Wheel Of Fortune Episode

First, Sam and Linda struggled to decide whether to solve or ask for more letters during the first Wheel Of Fortune puzzle. Afterward, Rex and Katherine were repeatedly asking for vowels without adding the traditional phrase: “I’d like to buy a vowel.” Additionally, during the second puzzle, they also chose to buy all the vowels for an unknown reason.

Rex and Katherine puzzle through the Bonus Round.  - Wheel Of Fortune
Rex and Katherine puzzle through the Bonus Round. – Wheel Of Fortune

Then, Jiovanni and Joan propelled the chaos by continuing to request another letter after the bell during the guess-off. At first, Pat Sajak interjects, “Uh no, what we do is,” but soon opts to just move on directing Rex and Katherine to take their turn. However, when the game circles back to Jiovanni and Joan they are extra eager to solve the puzzle. Trying to remind them to pace themselves, Pat says, “Well you might want to add another letter and get a little more money.” But he backs off adding, “You don’t have to.”

Fans Think The Episode Was Disastrous

Undeniably, Pat Sajak was running interference the best he could. However, it was a crazy display of mayhem throughout the evening. Without a doubt, fans caught on to the pandemonium. Admittedly, some found the events hilarious, while others thought it was a big mess.

  • “Wheel of Fortune right now is a bunch of kids who have apparently never watched the show and their grandmothers who are avid fans and I am THRIVING. One of the kids just raised her hand during the final spin to ask if she was allowed to solve it. I could watch this forever.”
  • “Apparently you can go on Wheel of Fortune without knowing the rules of Wheel of Fortune.”
  • “Has any of these people on @WheelofFortune tonight ever watched the show? What a disaster episode.”
  • “That was the most chaotic #WheelofFortune I’ve ever seen. Nobody understood the rules.”

What did you think about the episode? Did you find it funny, disastrous, or a little of both? Do you think things are falling apart with Pat Sajak’s exit of Wheel Of Fortune? Drop your comments below.


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