‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Fans Disgusted, Hate Show’s Direction

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While Wheel Of Fortune host, Pat Sajak, is on the downhill slope of his career, the show is seemingly making many other changes. However, fans aren’t on board with what they are seeing. As the show takes on a new direction, fans hate it and show complete disgust for the new choices.

Fans Detest Wheel Of Fortune Changes

During Monday’s episode of Wheel Of Fortune, fans were not impressed by the show’s new ways. Although most fans are accepting the imminent retirement of Pat Sajak, the day is rapidly approaching. With the announcement of the final air date for Pat’s last spin, it is getting real. But with only a few months remaining in his contract, WOF is sneaking in new changes that fans detest.

Wheel Of Fortune Puzzles Are Extra Puzzling

Within the Monday episode of Wheel Of Fortune, fans notice the puzzles are extra puzzling. Perhaps the network needs to save a little money after the surprising million-dollar winner at the start of the year. Or it may just be an opportune time to switch things up since Pat Sajak‘s exit will already be a drastic change. Whatever the reason, fans are seeing the writing on the wall and they hate it. Namely, the most significant change that fans are noticing is the extremely difficult puzzles.

Andre Gets A Tricky Puzzle

When Andre proceeded to the bonus round, he already had $15,000. Then he picks “Thing” and the two-word puzzle. After choosing his additional letters the board read: “B _ _ _ _’ ‘P _ _ _ .’” Undoubtedly, feeling a bit stumped, Andre didn’t have many guesses during the ten seconds. Admittedly, Pat Sajak acknowledges it is a “daunting” puzzle. When the answer populates, it reveals: “Bumpy Path.”  However, when the audience saw the full solution the studio was silent in disbelief. Skiddishly, Pat smooths it over by saying it was a “bumpy puzzle” for sure. Furthermore, he assures Andre he still was a winner of “our little game.” Sadly, during the card reveal, Andre had the bad news he missed out on a new Mazda.

The puzzle stumps Andre in the Bonus Round. - Wheel Of Fortune
The puzzle stumps Andre in the Bonus Round. – Wheel Of Fortune

Fans Hate The Direction Wheel Of Fortune Is Taking

On X Wheel Of Fortune fans were quick to show their displeasure with how the show is going.

  • One fan points out that the puzzle was not a “place.” Saying, “Who comes up with these puzzles? Since when is ‘Bumpy path’ a place? #wheeloffortune.”
  • Another fan rips, “My favorite place: Bumpy Path I’m looking at you Wheel of Fortune.”
  • “Bumpy Path seems more like a thing than a place…weird #WheelofFortune.”

Wheel Of Fortune Throws A Full Night Of Curveballs

But “Bump Path” isn’t the only complaint Wheel Of Fortune fans have. Furthermore, earlier in the show contestants faced a three-word prize puzzle. Its category was “Around the House” and just two letters were blank. Then it was Andre’s turn. Pat points out, “No vowels, so either spin or solve it but dont get buzzed out, so do one or the other – Andre? Andre?”

The audience awes after Andre falls silent. - Wheel Of Fortune
The audience awes after Andre falls silent. – Wheel Of Fortune

Sadly, Andre’s silence was telling. He tells Pat, “I couldn’t think of anything!” making the audience aww with disappointment. After Andre drew a blank, the next player, Cameron made the guess, “Whipped Body Cream.” This was the winning answer which got him a trip to St. Martin. Seemingly finding the puzzles odd, Pat says, “One of our more violent and lesser-known products.”

  • After airing one X user shows their disapproval, “What the actual duck is ‘whipped body cream’?”
  • Another fan finds the answer perplexing. Saying, “‘Whipped body cream’ was the correct answer to the puzzle on Wheel of Fortune, yep, that was it.”

Third Time’s The Charm

Additionally, a third bewildering puzzle was on display during Monday’s episode of Wheel Of Fortune. With the category, “Before and After” fans were hating on the answer: “Fashion Plate of Spaghetti.” First of all, fans have no idea what a Fashion Plate is. Evidently, that was the “before” part of the puzzle.

  • A fan says, “What the hell is a fashion plate? #WheelOfFortune.”

Although the phrases on Wheel Of Fortune are meant to be challenging, fans think the producers overdid it by having so many back-to-back odd puzzles in one night.

Extra tricky puzzles on WOF Monday night. - YouTube
Extra tricky puzzles on WOF Monday night. – YouTube

What do you think about the Wheel Of Fortune puzzles from Monday? Do you think they were odd? Did you guess them? Did you hate the direction the show took? Are you sad to see Pat Sajak leaving? Drop your comments below.

Bonnie Kaiser-Gambill


  1. I’m happy Pat Sajak is leaving. it’s a few years overdue. He has become sarcastic and rude to the players the audience, and to Vanna. I am preparing to quit watching when Maggie Sajak takes over Vanna’s role as it will just keep the Sajaks running WOF. I do not find her talented, just so-so, and I feel she is just riding in on the coat tails of her father. I’m sure there is someone much better suited to be on the show that isn’t getting the job just because she is related….kind of reminds me of “the good old boys network”…(yep, my daughter needs a job, so being the good old boys/friends we all are, why don’t you just slide her into that position…thanks!!)

  2. I wish they had gotten someone else other than Ryan Seacrest to replace Pat Sajak.Ryan has enough jobs.

  3. I didn’t get ‘bumpy path’, but I got the other two just fine. Some of the more recent puzzles are indeed odd, but most of them really aren’t that difficult.

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