Pat Sajak’s Daughter, Maggie, Shocks With Older Actor Boyfriend

Pat Sajak's daughter Maggie Sajak - Instagram

Wheel Of Fortune Pat Sajak’s daughter, Maggie, has made her first public appearance with her older boyfriend. The pair strolled through the streets of Los Angeles hand-in-hand, confirming their romance. Keep reading to see who Maggie Sajak is dating and what we know about their relationship so far.

Maggie Sajak & Ross McCall Hard Launch Their Relationship

It has been confirmed that Maggie Sajak and actor Ross McCall are dating. The Wheel Of Fortune star walked alongside her beau on March 26. The couple was photographed sharing a kiss while they waited to cross the street.

McCall, 48, was wearing a red Adidas jacket and jeans. He held on to his dog’s leash with one hand and Maggie’s hand with the other. Sajak, 29, sported wide-legged jeans, a cardigan, and a beanie.

Despite their nineteen-year age difference, the couple seemed to be cozy with each other. They locked hands and shared an intimate conversation as they walked.

Maggie Sajak - Instagram
Instagram/Maggie Sajak

Ross McCall has been showing his feelings for Pat Sajak’s daughter on Instagram for some time now. In recent months, it was noted that he commented on several of her posts calling her a “beauty.”

This isn’t the first time McCall’s love life has been in the public eye. In 2008, the Band Of Brothers actor proposed to Jennifer Love Hewitt. More recently, he was engaged to actress Alessandra Mastronardi, but they split up in 2022.

While Maggie Sajak is used to her personal life staying under wraps, she has been in the spotlight recently as she appears on Wheel Of Fortune more often.

Is Pat Sajak’s Daughter Going To Take Over Wheel?

In May 2023, Pat Sajak’s daughter took Vanna White’s place on the puzzle board. Vanna was taking a break from Wheel to compete against Ken Jennings and Mayim Bialik, hosts of Jeopardy!

Vanna White has been on Wheel Of Fortune since 1982. So, it was strange for fans to not see her on the show. Despite this, Maggie Sajak turned out to be a good replacement. Vanna thought so too.


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“I think she’s a good replacement if I can’t be there for some reason,” she said. “She’s been around it her whole life, so I think she can fill in for me, for sure.”

Many fans think that Maggie is being groomed to take over for Pat or Vanna once they leave. However, Pat Sajak is set to retire in June with American Idol‘s Ryan Seacrest to take his place. Vanna White doesn’t have any immediate plans to depart from the long-running game show and it has been confirmed that she is staying beyond Sajak’s retirement date.

That said, Maggie isn’t going anywhere either. The law student has seemingly made herself at home on Wheel Of Fortune.

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