‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Contestant Snubs Pat Sajak

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Wheel Of Fortune contestant insulted Pat Sajak after the long-time host mocked his skills on the game show. The contestant, Joel Crandall, was shown snubbing Pat in a clip shared on the show’s official TikTok page. Keep reading to see what he said and why he felt the need to jab at the soon-to-be-retired host.

Wheel Of Fortune Contestant Insults Pat Sajak

Each contestant on Wheel Of Fortune is asked to answer questions about themselves before they come on the game show. As they are introduced to the studio audience and the audience at home, Pat usually shares some fun facts about each person. Evidently, Joel Crandall’s fun fact was that he is really good at the game Simon Says.

“People like to brag about their skills,” Pat Sajak laughed in the clip. “I’m not sure I would brag about this when you’re an expert at doing Simon Says.”

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Joe quickly had a comeback for Pat’s mockery and said that the skill had its useful moments. “You just get in a spot where somebody needs to fill space for a little bit of time,” he said. “You know something about that.”

At first, it seemed as though the Wheel Of Fortune host was confused by what Joel was implying with his comment. “And then you just have to do something to be able to keep things going,” he continued.

Then the joke clicked with Pat and he kept the ribbing going by saying, “Simon says, ‘What does he mean by that’?”

It was clear that the audience enjoyed the back-and-forth between the contestant and the host by the roar of laughter. Pat stated he knew exactly what Joel was hinting at.

WOF Fans Join In On The Antics

Pat Sajak’s antics on Wheel Of Fortune don’t go unnoticed by fans. Last week, he absolutely roasted a couple during Sweethearts Week when they got a puzzle wrong.

Three couples went up against each other on the Wheel. They were asked to solve a two-word puzzle under the “Thing” category. For many people, it seemed like a fairly straightforward puzzle. However, the couple’s guess was pretty far off.

Vanna White and Pat Sajak - YouTube, Wheel Of Fortune

Image: YouTube/Wheel Of Fortune

One man confidently rang in and had his wife guess, “Investment firm.” They were confident in their answer, but Pat Sajak killed all the optimism they had by simply stating, “No.” Another couple rang in and correctly answered the puzzle with “engagement ring.”

The Wheel Of Fortune host teased the couple saying, “You were romantic, they were just practical.” Fans ran to social media to join in on the laughter.

One viewer wrote on X, “Couples Night on Wheel of Fortune, and some lady just guessed ‘Investment Firm’ instead of ‘Engagement Ring.’ LMAO!!” Another agreed writing, “’Investment firm’ LOL Sweetheart Week so romantic.”

Wheel Of Fortune airs on weekday evenings on NBC.

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