‘Wheel Of Fortune’ ‘GOAT’ Contestant Shocks Pat Sajak With Skills

Pat Sajak, Wheel Of Fortune

While the Wheel Of Fortune host, Pat Sajak, often sees contestants compete with primarily run-of-the-mill talents, he was in for a surprise. Although Pat has over four decades of experience with the show, there are still times even he gets a shock. After one player blasts through a puzzle, even Pat is stunned by his remarkable skills.

Pat Sajak Gets A Big Shock

During the March 25 episode of Wheel Of Fortune, history seems to have been made by an unsuspecting contestant. While the show was going as usual, it took a sudden turn when one player made a jaw-dropping solution. When Tom Stednicki picked the category “On the Map,” he may have known what he was doing. With a chance at winning $6000, if he answered correctly, Tom was poised for success. After Vanna White turns the first letter, the board reads, “_ _ _ _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ / _ _ _ S _ _”. Some might have been discouraged by only having one letter on display, but not Tom. While only pausing two seconds, he exclaims, “Glacier Bay, Alaska!”

Tom Dumbfounds Pat Sajak

To the amazement of Pat Sajak and the Wheel Of Fortune audience alike, Tom was right. Although it was a complete shock that Tom was able to solve the puzzle so quickly, Pat nonchalantly responds, “Of course.” As Pat walks to congratulate Tom on his win, someone says in the background, “That’s phenomenal.” Undeniably, the extreme skills the contestant exhibits are perplexing to Pat. He dumbfoundedly asks, “How’d you do that?” After thinking a moment, Tom admits he looked at many maps before coming on the show. Seemingly, it paid off giving him the edge to solve the puzzle quickly. Jokingly, Pat retorts, “Well, that’s exactly what I would have said.”

Tom Stednicki baffles Pat Sajak with his speedy solve. - Wheel Of Fortune
Tom Stednicki baffles Pat Sajak with his speedy solution. – Wheel Of Fortune

Wheel Of Fortune Fans Vote Tom ‘GOAT’

However, Pat Sajak isn’t the only one who thinks Tom’s skills are remarkable. While this was an incredible feat by Tom Stednicki, it didn’t go unnoticed by the Wheel Of Fortune fans.

  • “Im convinced tom is a time traveler and came back to just dunk on everyone,” someone theorizes on X.
  • “Ok but how the f**k did Tom on Wheel of Fortune just get ‘Glacier Bay Alaska’ from just the ‘S’ in Alaska?”
  • And another fan votes him “Greatest Of All Time” player. Saying, “Tom the Wheel of Fortune GOAT??” Furthermore astounded by his method remarks, “Gets the final puzzle with 1 letter 😂.”

Bonus Round Stump

However, Tom wasn’t as lucky in the Bonus Round. “For a really good solver, you sound perpetually confused,” Pat Sajak says at one point. But also compliments him mentioning that if anyone could pull it off, it was Tom. With the “Phrase” category, the board read “IT / _ _ S / _ / _ L _ _ E.” Sadly, Tom lost out on $50,000 when he couldn’t get it. The correct answer was “It Was a Fluke,” in seemingly some fashion of irony. All in all, Tom stood tall walking away with an impressive $33,048.

Pat Sajak’s Involvement In Wheel Of Fortune Blunder

When discussing Tom’s mysterious power to solve an almost empty puzzle lightning fast, he gave insight. While talking to Maggie Sajak, Pat Sajak’s daughter, and the Wheel of Fortune Social Correspondent, it became more clear. Tom modestly says, “I played with my parents as a kid, you know? And now I have the app on my phone, so I play, you know, to practice.” Another baffling moment happened during Tom’s stint on the show though. After winning a trip, Pat announces he is going to South Dakota! But when the video plays, the footage blunders and includes scenes from Wyoming. Fans were quick to see the error. Nonetheless, it was a very exciting show overall.


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Do you think Tom Stednicki should get the crown for GOAT Wheel Of Fortune contestant? Do you think Pat Sajak will get many more shocking experiences before his retirement? Drop your comments below.

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