‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Vanna White Is Ready To Tie The Knot

Vanna White - YouTube, Wheel Of Fortune

There will be wedding bells ringing soon for Wheel Of Fortune star Vanna White. After 12 years of dating her boyfriend John Donaldson, the game show icon says that she’s finally ready to tie the knot. Continue reading to learn the details.

Filming Wheel Of Fortune In Hawaii Has Vanna Feeling Romantic

Vanna White and her boyfriend of 12 years, John Donaldson, are ready to get married. The Wheel Of Fortune star has put off getting hitched again for a while but says that she feels now is the right time. Vanna and her real estate developer beau plan to have a small ceremony soon.

The game show icon was not interested in getting married again for a long time. She got divorced from her husband George Santo Pietro in 2002. The couple was married for 12 years. It took the Wheel Of Fortune star a long time to warm up to the idea of getting hitched again.

Vanna White - YouTube, Good Morning America

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A source close to Vanna White shared that shooting recent episodes of Wheel in Waikiki with her boyfriend along with her seems to have changed her mind. Prior to this, Vanna has said that she feels secure in her relationship with John “ring or no ring.”

It has also been revealed that her co-star Pat Sajak likes John and thinks he is a “great guy.” This is something that has been important to Vanna. Apparently, he visits the set of Wheel and gets along famously with the entire crew.

“John’s always wanted to make it official, but Vanna was hesitant, only because she didn’t feel it was necessary to marry again,” a source close to the couple told Closer Weekly. “Things change though. Vanna just feels like the timing is right.”

Vanna White & John Donaldson Plan A ‘Short & Sweet’ Ceremony

“They’re spending lots of romantic time together between shooting and Vanna wants to show her appreciation for this wonderful guy who’s been so patient,” the source said. “So they’re going to do it in Hawaii.”

The pair plans to get married in a small wedding ceremony in Hawaii. “I like sun. I like warm, tropical,” Vanna White said. It is possible that Vanna’s children from her first marriage will be present. However, it may just be her, John, a justice of the peace, and whoever else happens to be on the beach that day. “This wedding is all about the two of them,” the insider shared.


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Vanna and John are planning something that is “short and sweet.” The source said, “Vanna and John have it so good that getting married can only make it better.”

It isn’t clear if Vanna White will be taking any time off from Wheel Of Fortune to enjoy her status as a newlywed.

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