‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Fans Furious Over $1 Million Loss

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Wheel Of Fortune has been under fire recently for seemingly impossible puzzles. However, fans were furious with a contestant this week after she flopped a $1 million win. This time, it was all on her and the audience let the contestant know she messed up by booing her. Keep reading to see why the in-studio audience was so angry.

Wheel Of Fortune Contestant Misses Her Chance At $1 Million

On Thursday, the Wheel Of Fortune contestants were trying to solve a puzzle under the category “Let There Be Light!” One contestant, Vincent, went bankrupt so the puzzle went on to Tara from South Carolina.

Tara was given a near-complete puzzle. As luck would have it, she landed on the million-dollar wedge on the wheel, which she would be able to pick up if she guessed a single letter correctly.

$1 Million Wedge - YouTube, Wheel Of Fortune

Image: YouTube/Wheel Of Fortune

The puzzle read, “BULB, BEA_ _ N, SUN, STARS.” All of the words in the puzzle were supposed to be light-related. Excited, Tara clasped her hands over her mouth as Pat Sajak prompted her to answer, “Now, you need to call a letter that’s in the puzzle and that letter is…”

The contestant responded with the letter “H.” Of course, that letter was not on the board, so she lost her chance to win $1 million. So, the puzzle was handed off to the next contestant, Zoe, who got the answer right: “Bulb, Beacon, Sun, Stars.”

WOF Fans Can’t Believe The Contestant Missed Her Chance… Twice

To fans in the audience and at home, the answer was obvious and they were mad that Tara lost the chance at winning $1 million, something that isn’t seen very often on Wheel Of Fortune. Yells and boos came from the in-studio audience. One viewer at home questioned her choice by tweeting, “‘H’? @WheelofFortune.”

What made the loss even more upsetting is that Tara landed on the $1 million wedge again later in the episode. This time, she answered correctly and got to pick it up. However, she still wound up losing the game to Zoe and had to relinquish the coveted $1 million wheel slot.

Contestant Zoe on Wheel Of Fortune - YouTube, Wheel Of Fortune

Image: YouTube/Wheel Of Fortune

One viewer on social media wrote, “This lady on Wheel of Fortune really the luckiest woman on the planet. To somehow still end up landing on the million dollar wedge, and getting it, after just [messing] it up on an easy puzzle is wild.”

Fans have seen a number of big upsets on Wheel Of Fortune during Pat Sajak’s sendoff season. During Sweethearts Week, one couple lost their chance at $40,000 after getting the answer to a puzzle in the “Place” category wrong. The answer wound up being “Outer Lobby,” leaving viewers asking “What is that?” In another episode, a contestant lost their winnings due to mispronouncing the answer.

What do you think about the mishaps on Wheel Of Fortune recently? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Amanda Blankenship


  1. A lot of people forget it’s a lot easier setting at home, would be interesting to see how they would do under the lights and pressure.

  2. Agree with Bill. Even sitting in the studio audience. Why boo they would feel bad / foolish already. They made the program and you didn’t.

  3. Lately, there are so many puzzles being hyphenated that should not be. It has been happening a lot lately.

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