Will Tamar Braxton Be On ‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta?’

Tamar Braxton - YouTube/Jennifer Hudson Show

Fans have been begging for Tamar Braxton to join the cast of Real Housewives Of Atlanta. During a recent discussion with Carlos King, the music legend addressed whether or not she would even consider being on the show. Continue reading to see what Tamar had to say about her future on RHOA.

Tamar Braxton Has Had Conversations About RHOA

Tamar Braxton already has her own reality television show, Braxton Family Values. However, fans have always wondered if she would ever appear on Bravo’s Real Housewives Of Atlanta.

She sat down to have a conversation with Carlos King in ATL for his live podcast tour, Reality With The King. The pair spoke about several different pop culture topics, but one of the things that came up was Tamar’s future with RHOA.

Tamar Braxton - YouTube/Tamron Hall Show
YouTube/Tamron Hall Show

Although she has been a fan-favorite pick for the show for a long time now, viewers shouldn’t get their hopes up. Tamar Braxton has already had several conversations with producers about potentially appearing on the program.

“I’ve had conversations but the truth is, there’s just no way I’m going to sit for make-up, get a wig put on, get my make-up beat, to argue with a bunch of b*tches for nothing. I can’t do it,” she bluntly stated. While she would earn a substantial amount of money from RHOA, Tamar said that’s not all that matters.

Tamar Braxton Doesn’t Want To Sell Out

“Let me tell you something, all money ain’t good money. It’s just not, and this is what I said, ‘What’s for me won’t miss me.’ It’s not worth my mental to sit up here and get into an argument with another Black beautiful woman about nothing so other people can think this is what we’re about,” she told Carlos King.

The music legend continued, “At some point, you have to [take] responsibility for what you put on the TV screen.”According to Tamar Braxton, Real Housewives Of Atlanta just isn’t the kind of television she wants to be a part of. “I want to make feel good, funny, good, relatable, epic television [and] that’s not that for me,” she concluded.

Tamar Braxton - YouTube/We Sound Crazy Podcast
YouTube/We Sound Crazy Podcast

This news probably isn’t what fans were hoping for. After Season 15, the show has needed something new to add life to it. RHOA star Kandi Burruss is leaving the Bravo show and Porsha Williams is returning. At the same time, adding someone like Tamar Braxton could have been a positive change for the program.

It is possible that the producers will be looking for fresh faces to add to the cast for Season 16, but Tamar Braxton won’t be one of them. She simply doesn’t want to sell out for the money. It’s not what she stands for.

You can stream Real Housewives Of Atlanta on Peacock.

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