‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Slammed For Robbing Contestant

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Wheel of Fortune is being slammed for robbing a contestant after the answer may have been correct. Lately, the show has been dropping the ball, and that has caused a lot of drama. More so, Pat Sajak has come under fire for being rude and snarky. So, how did this time go down? Read on for more details.

Wheel Of Fortune Slammed For Robbing Contestant

It has happened before where viewers think that they heard the contestant say one thing but Pat Sajak heard another. Thus, the Wheel of Fortune player goes home with their winnings and nothing from the bonus round. One woman had people so divided that she had to go on Good Morning America to clear up the confusion. She confessed that she had given the wrong answer despite what so many believed. Now, this is happening all over again and in the bonus round.

Vanna White, Pat Sajak-YouTube
Vanna White, Pat Sajak-YouTube

According to yahoo!, Tamara made it to the bonus round and chose the category “What Are You Doing?” In the end, the puzzle she had to work with looked like this: “___N_NG A B___ _L_B.” Pat tried to be encouraging, reminding her:

    • “Now pay attention what’s up there,” Sajak advised. “There’s a huge letter board. If you talk it out, you can do this.”

Tamara ended up coming up with “book club” while the answer was “JOINING A BOOK CLUB.” Now, for some fans of the show, that is exactly what they heard. However, others did not hear that but rather heard “running a book club.” Pat Sajak was the one to burst the Wheel of Fortune contestant’s bubble and tell her how close she was but did not get it. She also lost out on 50K. Here’s what some people had to say:

  • She said RUNNING A BOOK CLUB…pretty clear
  • “Wth. I thought she said that in PLENTY of time!!! And I thought the rule was as long as you BEGAN before the buzzer you could finish!!”
  • “Wheel of fortune – the contestant got the puzzle right – you messed it up again!”

Rewatching The Clip

Those who have rewatched the clip on YouTube clearly feel that those on Twitter/X are making a mountain out of a molehill. They feel that it was plain as day that the Wheel of Fortune contestant did not get the answer correct. Therefore, they cannot understand why everyone is so up in arms. At the end of the day, she tried her hardest and still walked away with a decent win of over 21K. So, Tamara should be very proud of herself.

Did you watch the episode in question? More so, did you hear her say the right or the wrong answer to the bonus round question? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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