‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Maggie Sajak Flaunts PDA With Older Boyfriend

Ross McCall, Maggie Sajak -Instagram

Recently, Wheel Of Fortune Social Correspondent, Maggie Sajak, was out and about with her new boyfriend. Furthermore, the daughter of popular host, Pat Sajak, was showing plenty of PDA with her new fella.

Maggie Sajak Keeps A Busy Life

Lately, Wheel Of Fortune‘s Maggie Sajak has been busy with the show and preparing for her dad, Pat Sajak’s upcoming retirement. While the big transition is happening, fans have said they would love to see Maggie slide into his vacating position. Undeniably, like her dad, she is great at interacting with people on camera. Since she does a phenomenal job in her current career, many people thought she was a shoo-in for the family business. In 2020, Maggie stood in for Vanna White’ for a week while she was the main host as Pat recovered from surgery. Again, in 2023, she did the same when White was on Celebrity Wheel of Fortune¬†with Jeopardy! hosts, Ken Jennings and Mayim Bialik. Although the legendary retirement is taking up most of her professional life, Maggie is finding time to squeeze in a little romance on the side.

Maggie Sajak, Vanna White, and Pat Sajak - Wheel Of Fortune
Maggie Sajak, Vanna White, and Pat Sajak – Wheel Of Fortune

Maggie Sajak Expresses PDA With Older Actor Boyfriend

Recently, Maggie Sajak and actor Ross McCall took their relationship public. While Ross was noticeably giving Maggie comments on Instagram for several months, they are now official. For instance, on February 7, Ross sent Maggie kudos on her page saying, “Knockout ;).” Additionally, he drops sweet sentiments like, “Beauty” on her Instagram posts too.


Ross McCall sends Maggie Sajak cute messages.- Instagram
Ross McCall sends Maggie Sajak cute messages.- Instagram

On Tuesday, March 26, Wheel of Fortune Social Correspondent, Maggie, 29, and her new beau, Ross, 48, walked together in Los Angeles. Maggie sported a midriff beneath her tiny beige cardigan atop a white tanktop. Then she pairs it with light blue jeans and a tan beanie. Beside her, Ross wore a bright red Adidas jacket with light jeans. Both Maggie and Ross with interlocking hands and strolled with a dog during the public outing. Additionally, the couple snuck in some sweet smootches. With their budding romance on display, they were sharing kisses while walking showing fans it is going well.

Ross McCall Likes Leading Ladies

While the romance between Maggie Sajak and Ross McCall has been heating up, this isn’t his first high-profile connection. Previously, actor Ross McCall was in a relationship with actress Jennifer Love Hewitt. Notably, they shared an engagement in November 2007. However, their engagement was called off in January 2009. Furthermore, Ross and Italian actress Alessandra Mastronardi were also engaged in 2021. But Ross and Alessandra split a year later.

What do you think about Maggie Sajak and Ross McCall’s open exchange of affection? Do you think the couple is getting serious? Are you surprised the couple is together? Do you think Maggie should be stepping into Pat Sajak’s hosting job instead of Ryan Seacrest? Are you ready to see more of Maggie on Wheel Of Fortune? Drop your comments below.

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