‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Fans Preview Ryan Seacrest & Vanna Together

Vanna White & Ryan Seacrest, Live

Recently, Wheel Of Fortune fans got the chance to see the future dynamic duo in action. While Ryan Seacrest and Vanna White aren’t co-hosts quite yet, they get a “dress rehearsal” of sorts on Monday night.

Ryan Seacrest And Vanna White Are Gearing Up For Change

Notably, the inevitable retirement of longtime host, Pat Sajak, is racing closer. Specifically, the final spin is on video now and will air in June. Without a doubt, it is happening very soon. But while Wheel Of Fortune fans prepare for the icon’s exit, they get a sneak peek of up-and-coming host, Ryan Seacrest alongside Vanna White. Ryan Seacrest will take the reigns for Wheel Of Fortune after Pat’s retirement at the end of Season 41. Currently, he plans to join Vanna on stage in September 2024 for the new season.

Ryan Seacrest And Vanna White Give A Preview

Since Pat Sajak is still on his Wheel Of Fortune turf, future host, Ryan Seacrest stole Vanna White away for an evening. Undeniably, Ryan has a few nerves stepping into the current legendary host’s shoes. So, Vanna and Ryan took a little time to get acquainted on his home field. On Ryan’s Instagram, he teases, “The TV crossover you didn’t know you needed.” Then he adds, “Look out for the legendary @TheVannaWhite on #AmericanIdol tonight and catch a glimpse of wheely exciting things to come.”

Vanna White & Ryan Seacrest bonding on American Idol - Instagram
Vanna White & Ryan Seacrest bonding on American Idol – Instagram

On the Monday, April 8 edition of American Idol, the future show partners gave the world a little taste of their synergy. Ryan says, “She said she’d watched the show for so many years and I invited her to come and do an introduction of one of the contestants and she did it and it just made me realize how lucky I am to be able to work with her coming up on Wheel.”

Vanna White Approves

Part of the selling point for Vanna White accepting Ryan Seacrest was he understands that Pat Sajak is irreplaceable. She is confident he is a good guy and loves that he is coming in to continue with the beloved Wheel Of Fortune show with her. Undeniably, they are big shoes to fill. Unmistakably, that in itself is intimidating. However, Ryan knows that going in.

Lionel Richie, Vanna White, Ryan Seacrest - Instagram
Lionel Richie, Vanna White, Ryan Seacrest – Instagram

He says, “No one can ever do what Pat has done.” Complimenting Pat, Ryan adds, “He is incredible. He has made that show just something so very special for so long, and he has done such a seamless, remarkable job, so no one can be him.” Even so, Ryan is up to the challenge to carry on the torch that Pat so eloquently lit. Furthermore, he wants to keep it fun. He knows people love watching Pat and the show and he wants to capture that sentiment in his endeavors.

What do you think about Ryan Seacrest and Vanna White giving fans a preview of their future partnership? Did you see them co-hosting American Idol? What do you think about Ryan as the Wheel Of Fortune host? Are you sad to see Pat Sajak retire? Drop your comments below.

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