‘Wheel Of Fortune’ When Will Vanna White Retire?

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Wheel of Fortune icon and letter-turner Vanna White is finally talking about retirement and her plans for her future. She just battled it out for a proper contract and will now be sticking around for a few years longer. Yet, does she have any idea when she will hand her gig over to someone new? Read on for more details.

Wheel Of Fortune When Will Vanna White Retire?

Vanna White’s future was up in the air on Wheel of Fortune. Host Pat Sajak revealed that he would be leaving the long-running game show after Season 41. It was then unclear what that meant for Vanna and if she would depart with him. His replacement was revealed to be Ryan Seacrest but White soon needed to renegotiate her contract. Not only did she make significantly less than Sajak but she had not gotten a raise in nearly two decades. So, she wanted what was fair and earned. At the same time, production allegedly wanted to make this her final contract and allow for her to transition out.

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Vanna, Pat-YouTube

She will be on the show until 2026 so she will make the switch with Ryan Seacrest. This is good news for faithful viewers who need some consistency with the series. So, does Vanna have any plans to retire? According to The Sun, she spoke about what is to come on GMA. Admittedly, she cannot believe that she has been on the show with Pat for forty-one years.

“I think of Pat [Sajak] as family and always will. We called ourselves Ken and Barbie. I mean, we’re not quite that today. But Ken and Barbie go together and always have. Peanut butter and jelly go together. Pat and Vanna go together.”

Yet, when he revealed he was leaving Wheel of Fortune, it made Vanna White stop and think if that was her path. She soon realized that retirement was not what she wanted just yet. As aforementioned, because she loves her job and the contestants, she will be around through 2026. No word if that is actually her last contract.

A New Era

Vanna White is starting to get to know Ryan Seacrest better as the transition will hopefully be a smooth one for viewers. More so, the chemistry has to work between Vanna and Seacrest. No word on how the transition will actually happen but Vanna has made it clear that she is not ready to hang up her hat. She fought hard for the proper contract and now she is sticking around. Pat’s daughter, Maggie Sajak has been floated as a possible future replacement but time will tell.

Are you happy that Vanna is sticking around for a few more years? Or, do you think she should bow out gracefully with Pat Sajak? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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