‘Sister Wives’ Kody Brown’s Most Pathetic Test Of Janelle’s Loyalty

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Undeniably, Sister Wives fans picked up on Kody Brown’s most pathetic test of Janelle Brown’s loyalty. While Janelle was trying to show Kody her dedication to their marriage, Kody kept asking for more and more proof even when it was unreasonable.

One Fan Believes Janelle May Not Be Truthful

On Reddit, Sister Wives fans point out a telling moment where Kody Brown reveals a hurtful moment from his past and how Christine and Janelle Brown responded. First, the Redditor says, “Holes in Janelle’s story??” Then the user believes that Kody and Janelle‘s stories about COVID-19 experience don’t line up. They point out that Kody was sad that Janelle didn’t come home and check on him while he had COVID-19. Additionally, the user discusses Christine Brown’s side of the story as different.

Janelle Brown & Kody Brown From Sister Wives, TLC, Sourced From YouTube
Janelle Brown & Kody Brown From Sister Wives, TLC, Sourced From YouTube

They discuss Christine telling Janelle, “‘You wont be able to see him with quarantine and he didn’t even take care of you when you had Covid so you’re not leaving to go take care of him.’” Furthermore, they question if Janelle is being completely truthful.

A Redditor believes Janelle and Kody Brown's COVID-19 stories don't line up. - Reddit
A Redditor believes Janelle and Kody Brown’s COVID-19 stories don’t line up. – Reddit

Kody Brown Exhibits His Most Pathetic Test Of Janelle’s Loyalty

When the initial poster made their point on Reddit, one fan strongly disagreed. Instead, they believe Kody Brown’s motives weren’t pure. Furthermore, they think he was ultimately setting Janelle up for a pathetic test of her loyalty. While he was stern about who could and could not enter homes based on exposure, it is difficult to believe he would have allowed Janelle to come into Robyn’s house to care for him.

  • “I don’t think I agree. I’m sure Kody tested Janelle’s Loyalty to see if she would come home. He likes to have something in his back pocket so he can try to humiliate the OG 3 later. I think that way he felt like a bigger man for Robyns benefit 🫣 so gross.”
One Sister Wives viewer believes Kody Brown's motives were to test Janelle's loyalty. - Reddit
One Sister Wives viewer believes Kody Brown’s motives were to test Janelle’s loyalty. – Reddit

Fans Weigh In On Kody Brown’s Actions

After the initial poster shared their thoughts on Kody Brown’s side of his COVID-19 sickness and how Janelle Brown’s loyalty was tested, other fans weighed in. Many believe that Christine Brown exaggerated the situation to make Kody look bad. And Kody was selfish in his request.

  • “I think even then Janelle was trying to not make Kody out to be the selfish and disgusting man he truly is. I do think he rang her to get her to come home, why else would he ring, it’s not like she was in town or that he was letting her know he couldn’t come over, he wanted her home so she could run errands and sit vigil on the driveway in her car because she has kooties and can’t come into Robyn’s house anyway. Christine on the other hand was probably telling the truth, she was done covering Kody’s a** by then.”
  • “It’s not Janelle and Kody whose story is different. It Janelle and Christine’s story is very different. I think it’s a combo of the two. I can very much see Christine greatly exaggerating to make Kody look as bad a possible and Janelle protecting him a little bit.”

What do you think about Kody Brown’s actions around COVID-19? Do you think he was truly hurting that Janelle Brown didn’t leave early to care for him? Or do you think it was a pathetic attempt for Kody to test Janelle’s loyalty? Are you ready to see more episodes of Sister Wives? Drop your comments below.

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