‘The Kardashians’ Did Scott Disick Get A Facelift?

Scott Disick - The Kardashians - KUWTK

Undeniably, over the years, The Kardashians star, Scott Disick’s looks have changed drastically. Without a doubt, some can be attributed to trends, styles, and even the dreaded age effect. However, other more recent alterations clearly have another reason behind them.

Scott Disick Has Had A Rough Go Of It

Although Scott Disick was experiencing weight gain in the previous season of The Kardashians, now that seemingly isn’t the problem anymore. Unmistakably, he is facing many trials right now. Not only has he lost both parents and Kourtney Kardashian, but now she has a baby with a new man. And all the transitions with Kourtney and Travis Barker happened while Scott was nursing a back injury as well. Undeniably, his looks have changed since fans saw the end of Season 4. While some believe he is experiencing health problems, other people caught a big clue that could be behind the drastic weight loss he has seen since the previous season. But is there something more behind his changing face?

Scott Disick - The Kardashians - Instagram
Scott Disick has had many different looks through the years. – The Kardashians – Instagram

Did Scott Disick Get A Facelift?

Since seeing new episodes of The Kardashians Season 5, fans have been wondering if Scott Disick has undergone surgery. Undoubtedly, his cheekbones are more defined than they have been for quite some time. On Reddit, one viewer asks, “Did Scott get a face lift or something??” Then, they elaborate. “Anyone else think he looks super different?” the user asks. Adding, “I get that he’s lost weight, but his face looks freaky! And the camera crew doesn’t stay on him very long…” Undeniably, fans are noticing big changes in Scott’s face.

Scott Disick's face is changing drastically. Did he have a facelift? - Reddit
Scott Disick’s face is changing drastically. Did he have a facelift? – Reddit

Fans Add To The Conversation

While many speculations are saying Scott Disick has lost weight due to Ozempic, Mounjaro was spotted during filming. But is that what is behind the hallow face?

  • “I like Scott. He is the only ‘real’ character. I don’t see a face lift here. Men can’t get the same results.”
  • “I actually feel sorry for him. Lost both parents, lost Kourtney and lost himself. Hope he pulls through.”
  • “No he took ozempic and looks like a zombie now.”
  • “No. He was on Monjero and lost too much weight.”
  • “No he’s on hard drugs that he’s claiming is ozempic.”
  • The original poster adds, “I appreciate everyone’s comments and perspectives. I wasn’t trying to say anything negative about him, just that his changes are dramatic!”
Claims of Ozempic use are seemingly covering up the real reason behind Scott Disick's weight loss. - X
Claims of Ozempic use are seemingly covering up the real reason behind Scott Disick’s weight loss. – X

Scott Disick’s Face Changes

When The Kardashians scene showing Mounjaro was caught, many believe it was a cover-up for a much bigger issue Scott Disick isn’t ready to discuss yet. While his face is showing immense change, it isn’t the facelift type of change. Sadly, the gaunt look is being attributed to illness or a relapse in drug use.

  • “That’s not ozempic. That’s someone with a serious drug problem. Heroin for sure and maybe meth too.”
  • “No because its BS to hide that he has a serious drug problem.”
  • “Nah, it’s drugs. Opioids, IMO.”
  • “Meth face.”
  • “I think they also started using the facial camera filter on him.”

Did Scott get a face lift or something??
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What do you think? Has Scott Disick had a facelift? What is the reason for his facial features changing? Are you watching the latest episodes of The Kardashians? Drop your comments below.

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