‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Fans Reject Host Ryan Seacrest, Won’t Watch

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Wheel Of Fortune fans have not been looking forward to saying goodbye to long-time host Pat Sajak. When it was announced that he would be retiring and that Ryan Seacrest would be taking over his post on the show, viewers were saddened. It’s true, the show won’t be quite the same without Sajak at the helm. But now, fans are saying that they plan to boycott Wheel Of Fortune. Keep reading to find out why.

Ryan Seacrest To Host Wheel Of Fortune In September

Pat Sajak has already filmed his last episode of Wheel Of Fortune. In June, the last episode will air and then Ryan Seacrest will take Sajak’s spot as host on the beloved game show in September 2024.

For producers, choosing Ryan Seacrest for the job seemed like a no-brainer. He’s hosted a number of shows, including American Idol, Live With Kelly And Ryan, as well as his own radio show.

Ryan Seacrest - Live Kelly - ABC YouTube
Ryan Seacrest – Live Kelly – ABC YouTube

Although Pat Sajak is retiring, it has been confirmed that Vanna White, another fan-favorite on the show, will continue to be on the program until 2026. That is when her current contract runs out.

While plenty of fans are happy to hear that Vanna isn’t planning on retiring with Pat, not many are excited about Ryan Seacrest taking over. Before he was announced as the new host, Wheel Of Fortune fans had a few thoughts on who should replace Pat Sajak.

Who Would Be Better Than Ryan Seacrest?

The number one choice for fans seemed to be Wheel royalty, Pat Sajak’s daughter Maggie. Right now, she serves as the show’s social media correspondent. She has no plans of taking over her dad’s role on the game show. A few fans suggested that it be someone who was involved in the celebrity version of the show.

Others suggested that Vanna White be given a shot at hosting Wheel Of Fortune. After being part of the show for so many years, it seems like Vanna might be the best choice for the job.

Ryan Seacrest and Vanna White from Wheel of Fortune

“Vanna should have taken the job and Maggie should take over for Vanna. Makes me think they are saying a woman can’t do Pat’s job,” one fan wrote in the comment section on social media. “Vanna or Maggie would have been much much much better choices!” another viewer wrote. A third agreed, “I like Ryan but he does not have the personality for Wheel. I, also, believe Maggie & Vanna would be the best choice.”

Surprisingly, several fans weighing in on the conversation said that they would stop watching Wheel Of Fortune after 41 seasons due to the switch.

However, Ryan Seacrest hasn’t started his role yet. He hopes that the loyal Wheel fans out there give him a chance before writing off the show.

What do you think of Pat Sajak’s replacement? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I will not wa/ch and the most logical choice to replace pat should have been his daughter

    1. Give Ryan Seacrest a CHANCE !!! For crying OUT LOUD !!! Stop Judging the Book by its COVER !!! 🤷

  2. I love Ryan! He has such a good personality, that he could host any type of show. I think Vannaa does so well with her present position, and since she plans to retire soon, it would be better for Maggie to assume Vanna’s position. come on, let’s give Ryan a chance!

  3. Why not choose an unknown? Give someone else a chance at fame and fortune. Just as Pat was 41 years ago.

    1. I think Ryan Seacreat is a great choice to replace Pat Sajak. He has plenty of personality to be the host of Wheel of Fortune. Maggie can take over Vanna’s job when she retires.

  4. Let Maggie go. Don’t like her. People want her just because she’s Pat’s daughter. Get someone different.

  5. I agree! Besides, doesn’t Seacrest have enough jobs already?!? Talk about overexposure. Stupid, stupid choice for host. I won’t be watching, nor give him a chance. Sorry, Wheel – you’ve been a constant for all of your 41 years in my life!

  6. I agree. My choice would be Joey Fatone who sang with NSYNC, but has been hosting Common Knowledge on GSN. He has the same type of personality as Pat Sajak. I think he would be perfect.

  7. Enough of Ryan Seacrest…. he’s everywhere…. over-exposed and over-rated.
    Sad to say after all these years, I won’t be watching 😢

  8. we feel it was time for pat to retire, his attitude changed and seemed to be real short with contestants, and we quite watching a long time back. give Ryan a chance

  9. Ryan Seacrest lacks the personality and dry witt that made WOF enjoyable. You almost need a comedian to fill the role. Not as sarcastic as Jane Lynch.

  10. I like Ryan but he’s too stuck on himself. the show won’t be about the contestants who are the stars of the show. it was a poor choice. frankly Kelly’s husband Mark would have been a lot better choice. he’s got a great personality. oh we’ll give Ryan a try but probably will be looking for something else to watch during that time slot

  11. Vanna did not want the job. Remember when she had to fill in when Pat was sick. she was a nervous wreck & did not like the job. I don’t understand why anyone would think his daughter is qualified for this spot. Ryan Seacrest is a seasoned host, was highly regarded on Kelly & Ryan and in other hosting spots like New Years Eve. people calling for a boycott without even seeing Ryan host a single show are vastly uninformed. How childish!

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