‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Contestant Makes Epic Mistake On Simple Puzzle

Vanna White, Pat Sajak-YouTube

A recent Wheel of Fortune contestant made an epic mistake on a very simple puzzle which cost them a good chunk of change. So, what was the puzzle and how much did they lose? More so, what did fans have to say about this mishap? Keep reading for more details.

Wheel Of Fortune Contestant Makes Epic Mistake On Simple Puzzle

Some of these game show puzzles can be hard even if they appear quite obvious. Wheel of Fortune has faced some issues over various puzzles, mainly when it comes down to what the players have said. On a few occasions, it sounds like the contestant has said the correct answer when in fact they did not. In the end, it cost them an amazing prize or a lot of money. At the same time, they just have to laugh over the whole situation but on a recent episode, it may have been no laughing matter.

Pat Sajak-YouTube
Pat Sajak-YouTube

According to The Sun, Florida-based Kimberly was a recent contestant and the puzzle read this: “DU_ _ – _ I L L E D’ ‘PLATYPUS.” The category was “Living Things” and Kimberly was in control when she landed on the express wedge. Kimberly had to guess the right letter to play in the express round so she said “F.” This was clearly incorrect and even the audience knew it. Another player ended up getting it right, the answer being “DUCK-BILLED PLATYPUS.’ This gave them a lavish vacation worth $8K which Kimberly missed out on due to her choosing the wrong letter.


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Immediately, Wheel of Fortune fans chimed in with their thoughts about this mishap:

  • Oh my, that was painful. F?? she thought the platypus was filled? with what exactly?
  • #WheelOfFortune This lady said “f” 😂 😂 😂
  • #wheeloffortune She gonna get blasted for missing that puzzle
  • These ppl on Wheel of Fortune will really run your blood pressure up
  • A Duck-Filled Platypus!? #WheelOfFortune

It was very clear that viewers had no idea where the letter “F” came from and were sure that Kimberly would get beaten up over this one.

The Best At The End

As Pat Sajak’s run as host of Wheel of Fortune comes to an end, he at least has some interesting final moments to look back on. He gave one contestant the tie off of his neck when the gent did not win. Now, he has this very simple puzzle with a completely wrong letter. Then, there are the contestants who have had to come out and defend their mistakes. He is going out with a bang but when will he officially be gone? His final episode airs on June 7th, 2024 though it was filmed in April. Then, Ryan Seacrest will take the reins.

Are you bummed over Pat leaving? More so, can you believe that Kimberly did not get the puzzle right? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. After all these years of watching AND enjoying Wheel if Ryan takes over I shall watch cartoons instead. (I’m 90) Ryan is just not a good fit. Somewhat robotish. 🥹

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