‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans Fights For Custody Of Ensley

Jenelle Evans with Ensley Eason - Instagram

At the beginning of April, Teen Mom fans saw that Jenelle Evans served David Eason papers regarding their separation and a no-contact order, and now, it seems that she is fighting for custody of Ensley Eason, 7. What is going on? Keep reading to find out more.

MTV’s Jenelle Evans filed Several Times For Protection Orders

When the Teen Mom alum first filed for a temporary order, the court turned it down because one was already in place for her son, Jace Evans. So, she had a civil summons served on David. That is because she wants to keep David Eason away from all of her children. Part of her ammunition might be that he allegedly called the kids homophobic names.

Jenelle Evans/Teen Mom/Facebook
Jace Evans, David Eason, Ensley, Jenelle Evans, Kaiser – Facebook

Jenelle Evans claims to have a lot of dirt on her ex, and the MTV alum seems determined to use all of it during her divorce. Of course, that puzzles Teen Mom fans because it wasn’t long ago that she would have probably defended him to her last breath. Nevertheless, she seems determined to get her divorce and custody of Enlsey.


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David Eason Will Probably Fight For Shared Custody In Divorce

The law works slowly, and where she lives, they need to be separated for a full year before the divorce can go through. However, progress is happening. According to The Sun, there was a hearing in court on “Thursday, April 25.” It was about the restraining order that the MTV alum wanted for herself and the kids. Possibly, she will use the order to prevent David Eason from getting custody of her daughter when the divorce happens. But for now, she seeks temporary custody.

Teen Mom alum Jenelle Evans with Ensley Eason - Instagram
Teen Mom alum Jenelle Evans with Ensley Eason – Instagram

The article cited a source as saying that Jenelle Evans will possibly get her child custody case on the court roster soon. The source added:

In North Carolina, whenever someone is served with a civil case, we have 30 days to respond. I believe those 30 days just about ran [out]. So the time to answer or respond has expired. The courts will…start putting her on the calendar, and so typically, one of the first things that they’ll do, and based on what she has filed, is she will work to set up temporary child custody. So that’ll probably be the first step.

Recent allegations that David terrifies her all seem to be part of her long road to getting custody of Ensley Eason and a divorce from David Eason.

What are your thoughts about MTV alum, Jenelle Evans wanting custody of Ensley Eason? Do you hope she wins her case against David Eason? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here often for all your Teen Mom news.

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