Has Jenelle Evans’ Ex Reached Out To Their Daughter?

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Has Jenelle Evans’ estranged husband, David Eason reached out to their daughter, Ensley since they split? The two parted ways back in February 2024 and he has since been living on their boat. So, has he made an effort? Keep reading for more details.

Has Jenelle Evans’ Ex Reached Out To Their Daughter?

When Jenelle Evans and David Eason separated, no one knew if it was legitimate. They have called it quits so many times then ended up back together. More so, they have thrown allegations at each other and then were seen smiling, saying they were completely happy. Furthermore, Jenelle is desperate to get custody of her son, Jace back again. Therefore, it would make sense that she would want to appear separated from David since he had allegedly assaulted her son before he ran away for the third time. Now, David is living on their boat and dating up a storm.

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Jenelle Evans, David Eason-Facebook

Jenelle even filed for a domestic violence protective order for herself and her three children. She has two sons, Jace and Kaiser from previous relationships. Then, she and David share a daughter, Ensley, 7 who is scheduled for surgery in the upcoming weeks. So, has David seen or reached out to Ensley since he and Jenelle went their own ways? According to The Sun, he is fully allowed to see Ensley whenever he wants to but he has not done so. Brandon Pettijohn, Jenelle’s divorce attorney spoke out about David’s parental rights when it comes to Ensley.

@easondavid Ensley is a natural! She’s so artistic like her dad ❤ #leathersmith ♬ original sound – David Eason

Pettijohn shared this:

“As far as David seeing Ensley, absent a court order, both parents have 100% rights to their child all the time without that court order. To my knowledge, David has not attempted to contact Ensley, or tried to contact her through our offices, and he has my contact info.”

At the same time, Jenelle Evans has asked for full custody of Ensley but also had this to say in the February 23rd separation complaint:

“After the separation of the parties, defendant was aware that the minor child had a medical appointment with an ear, nose and throat doctor and that it would likely be that the minor child would need surgery. Defendant and made no inquiries as to the child’s well-being, treatment plan or status of the appointment.”

David Disputes This

As David Eason is living his best life on their boat, he is disputing these claims. He did so via a TikTok saying that he had tried to see Ensley. However, he maintains Jenelle Evans would not allow him to see the kids. Fans have asked Jenelle why she just won’t divorce David already. Yet, in North Carolina, a couple must be legally separated for one full year with no intimate contact before that can happen. When February 2025 comes around, the divorce can go forward.

Do you believe that David had made any attempts to see Ensley or is he just exaggerating? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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