‘Teen Mom’ David Eason Justifies Assault On Jace?

Jace Evans, David Eason-Instagram

Is former Teen Mom star David Eason attempting to justify the alleged assault on his stepson, Jace? The fourteen-year-old ran away three times in less than two months. Yet, it was the last time which was the kicker as he claimed David assulated him. Now it appears David was just doing the right thing. Read on for more details.

Teen Mom David Eason Justifies Assault On Jace?

When David Eason was charged with child abuse on his stepson, Jace, his wife, Jenelle Evans vehemently denied any wrongdoing. Though Jace is her firstborn, she stood by her husband. CPS got involved and ruled that Jace was best off staying with his grandmother, Barbara. She is Jenelle’s mother who raised Jace from when he was a baby until he was thirteen. Then, she finally turned over custody to Jenelle which was a very happy day for the now mother of three. By September, her happy family was crushed with Jace being taken away and charges eventually being pressed.

Jace Evans-Instagram
Jace Evans-Instagram

There were so many stories from both sides, Barbara maintained Jace needed medication whereas Jenelle claimed he had mental issues. Now, the case has been dropped and it appears, per a Reddit thread, that someone was defending the couple. They said Jace was having some sort of episode and he became dead weight. Therefore, Jace had to physically pick him up and put him in the car. Barbara has had to assist in previous instances but David is the only one with the strength to carry Jace.

David was just trying to get him in the car,dude.
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So, what were the thoughts on this suggestion anything that happened spawned from David Eason’s help?

  • He wasn’t trying to strangle him. He was trying to pick up him up by his neck the same way a mama cat does to her kittens. Y’all are just dramatic
  • The bruises around Jace’s neck just show how much David cares about him!
  • This reads like a methy fever dream.
  • Umm didn’t the case literally get upgraded after a jury saw the evidence?

Who Wrote This?

After reading this, Teen Mom followers immediately wanted to know who wrote this. They strongly believed that it was Jenelle Evans or David Eason’s sister. So, they continued to share their thoughts:

  • Who even posted this crap though? None of that is true. They did not drop the felony charges, that isn’t even discussed in the CPS court so it wasn’t dealt with already at the same time.
  • That reads like a Christmas letter from a profoundly fu**ed up family member that’s trying to pretend everything is ok.
Jenelle Evans/Teen Mom/Facebook
Jace Evans, David Eason, Ensley, Jenelle Evans, Kaiser-Facebook

Only time will tell what is actually going on with Jace and where he is headed. Hopefully, he will get the proper treatment and be able to live a happy and very successful life. Do you believe anything that was spouted or is it just propaganda? Let us know in the comments below.

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