Jenelle Evans Begs For Ex To Lose Guns, Terrifying Reason

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Former Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans is begging for her ex to lose his guns and the reason is horrifying. In the last month or so, she has had her home broken into. This was not something she was mentally or emotionally prepared for. Now, she is making a plea and hoping she will be heard. Keep reading for more details.

Jenelle Evans Begs For Ex To Lose Guns, Terrifying Reason

It seems impossible for Jenelle Evans to get any peace. She has been inundated with messages from fans that her estranged husband, David Eason is out on the prowl. He has been living on their boat since they separated yet she was seen paying for the boat’s upkeep. Additionally, he has been very vocal about wanting to see what is out there but not looking for a relationship. David has alleged that Jenelle was unfaithful yet she has said the same about him in the past. Just the other day, she filed a petition for a domestic violence protective order.

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In it, she claimed he killed another one of her dogs in front of his daughter, Maryssa. So, things are not looking great for him. Now, it appears that she is hoping his guns will be taken away, as well. Per The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, the paperwork Jenelle filed stated David does not have a gun permit. More so, she added that he is a “potential threat” due to him having the firearms. She noted that he took guns registered to her and shared this terrifying piece of information: “[He] threatens to shoot people or use his weapons if someone makes him mad.”

Plus, David has “made threats to commit suicide. [He] says, ‘Maybe if I were gone or dead things would be better.'” So far, the domestic violence protective order has not been granted to Jenelle Evans but she and her estranged hubby will face off later this month in court. She is seeking protection for herself and her three children, one of whom she shares with David.

Followers Weigh In

After hearing about David Eason and his guns, it made its way to a Reddit thread. Followers immediately chimed in regarding Jenelle Evans and it was not so positive:

  • Something she was completely fine with while she was with him. And in some instances even encouraged it. But now all of a sudden she is worried about that? Ok lol.
  • Let’s not forget at one point she pulled her gun on a total stranger and HE thought SHE was crazy.
  • No one in that family should own a gun.
  • I think they should BOTH surrender their pew pews. 

Some now felt that this made them feel the split was real as it was believed it was all for show. More so, with all Jenelle is doing, this could be the real deal.

What do you think about David losing his guns? Finally, should Jenelle also have to surrender hers, as well? Let us know in the comments below.

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